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    Proud dad

    Who put the sign up? That is so cool. God bless.
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    Is this bad?

    I bet he washed the bottom off when he could. Even going to the beach here will do some damage. Run through a car wash after. Especially when you got stuck in the dunes. Oh it happens.
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    Is this bad?

    I started out as Licensed state inspection Mechanic in Pa. It would not have gotten past me. Used to see Ohio cars back then. Gheeze. Newer cars 8-10 yrs old from northern states that I worked on here in Florida are unbelievable. My wife's friend from Chicago wanted me to work on their car...
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    Is this bad?

    Does NJ have state inspection for your vehicles? I grew up in the Pittsburgh area. This kind of stuff would have likely failed if the place did real inspections. Lots of lick and stick shops would let things slide.
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    Charging system , battery or starter issue

    If you don't drive it too much, disconnect the bat terminals. Charge direct to the bat. Tender is good but only run it occasionally. Your cooking when it's charging. Too much a no good!
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    Ha Ha. Like I said wash it off with thinner.
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    Was it a good paint job on it. Maybe could wash it of with thinner.
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    Thank you. I searched but did not see this.
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    My question was about the VIN. X ? Bueller... Bueller......
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    Engine stand you can start a 350 SBC engine on.

    76.00 Bucks? That is a hell of a cheap price. Beats a couple wooden blocks and a gas can. LOL... This can't be real? I saw Tool boxes 99.00. Must be a scam.
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    Canadian built 1981 Z-28

    What should a Canadian built VIN tag show for a 1981 350 4 SPD? 1G1AP87LX BN110986 I saw this Z on Ebay. The X is something I have not seen...
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    We’ve all been there…

    Wow. This Thread is old. Cool. The induction heater is really cool.
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    Anyone us these seats?

    Ha..Ha. Ow.