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i bought the car as a wedding present to myself in july 1995. this way i can never forget the year i got married lol. i have enjoyed doing the upgrades to it over the years. sure does help with a spouse that also enjoys the hobby. the 1st owner was in the u.s . military and bought it there and had it shipped over seas for a while where he was moved to. after that stint was done he and the car came to canada. the 2nd owner of the car was a buddies older sister that bought it when the car was 3 years old and eventually my buddy bought it from his sister when he turned 16 and enjoyed it for a few years. at that point he sold it to my brother who had it for a year until i bought it. it is nice to know the background of the car. the car has never seen winter. i had it painted just over 20 years ago and still shows very well. figure i will have it redone in the next 2 years. it's no longer the original colour thank god and no numbers on it match but i couldn't care less. it's now the way i want it and that's all that really matters. originally robins egg blue with a 305 and auto trans with i believe 2:73 open gears. now running a newly built at the time 355 with super t10 with a 3:73 posi. thanks for reading my story.
Owen Sound, Ont, Canada
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