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    Another car problem. Her car this time.

    Purge valve for evap. Its mounted on engine. Takes 20 or 30 min to change. What's happening is it is not closing when off. So when you fill the tank, raw fuel vapors fill the motor flooding it. Also, it pulls a vacuum on the fuel tank even when the computer does not command it. Get an ac delco...
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    Who wins Super Bowl LIV??

    Go CHIEFS!!!!!!
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    P0449 code on 08 Trailblazer

    The hard start when refueling means the valve is stuck open allowing the fuel vapors to flood the engine, thus causing the hard start. Good job in purchasing the delco brand from RA. The parts store china brand parts never last. At the shop we only use OEM emissions parts because the aftermarket...
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    Tire size for 81Z?

    I've had 255's on the back of my car since 2003 with several different brands. No issues here from me
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    This ’79 Z/28 Is A Survivor. Should The Owner Modify It?

    Not exactly a "survivor." In the article it states the quarter panel, and the trans have been replaced. Two big ticket items that take away from the survivor aspect. It is no longer 100% original paint, and that the drivetrain has a different transmission, definitely not a survivor...
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    Painless vs American Autowire

    I Used the Painless kit when I put my car back together, I thought it went together rather good. It did have a few set back with mentioned wire lengths, but for me those were minor issues, since my car is no longer stock, so nothing is 100% perfect anyways. I was most impressed by the install...
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    Scammers got me

    I got had for $11k in 24 hours on my discover card. I got an email alert late at night...and was like whoa wtf. opened my account to 11k of purchases in a very short amount of time. I called my discover card and was only on the phone with them for like 30 min. They immediately credited all $11k...
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    Speedometer to slow

    I might be wrong, but isn't the correct size tire like a 225/60R15? or 225/55R15? I run 255/55R15 on the back and my speedo is close, sounds like your tire might be too tall.
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    Opinions Wanted on 2006 or 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

    The 3.9 and the 5.3 are both pretty reliable, I don't see much of either in the shop for drivability issues. I do see a decent amount of the 3.9L having oil leak problems from the rear main/ oil pan area. In fact two weeks ago I had to two oil pan/ rear mains on two different 3.9L motors. Not...
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    Question about harassment or threats

    I would contact his employer and speak to the highest you can get in the management chain and let them know that this one employee is acting out in such an unprofessional way. Just speak it as calmly as possible and state out your concerns. This has worked for me in the past...
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    holley (red) electric fuel pump question?

    Check your ignition feed to the fuel pump. It should stay hot during cranking. If it does not, its not hooked to the correct part of the ignition. Switch it to a power source that stays hot during crank.
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    Fires up and dies once key is released

    Ignition switch maybe?
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    ?how to lower water level in block

    This is how I do it as well!
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    Family 1 owner 78 z28 Resto

    This blows my mind to see you have the identical color as me! Car looks great! I did not add any pearl or anything special to it, I wanted the color to be easily matched if any body work needed to be performed since I drive the car regularly.
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    Family 1 owner 78 z28 Resto

    Thanks! My guess is you missed the thread because I have not posted much real progress in close to 18 months since I started my whole move. Also getting married this year, so you know how life slows up a persons plans! I also do not feel the need to rush any work on the car now that I have my...