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    What do you do on your

    I had to google Lotzza Motzza...yum
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    Windshield trim install

    Post 15 is correct but the ones I bought also didn't fit very well. I believe post 23 is the answer.
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    Ocular Migraines

    Anyone here ever had such a thing? I'm working away at my computer and all of a sudden I get this zig zag flash or bur, kind of hard to explain. Went for a walk and then went and sat in the dark and it went away. Took about 30 minutes. No headache, just the vision thing. Googled it and seems...
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    Build Sheet Reproduction

    Yes, the intent is keeping the beat up originals with the car along with a "cleaned up" version. I did have the package from gm canada for my 78, not sure why I didn't just think of that in the first place.
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    Camaros 78-81 wiring diagram

    This is awesome, if you do a separate file for the 81 let me know. I would print it off in large format and hang on my wall for sure.
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    Build Sheet Reproduction

    I found what was left of my build sheets, one under the drivers seat and the other above the fuel tank. Neither are in great shape but between the two I think I can gather most information. I'm wondering if anyone has a template to reproduce the build sheet (maybe an excel sheet) or if there are...
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    1981 Air Induction Wiring

    O One last question, any idea what awg the wires are? I'm guessing 12 or 14?
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    1981 Air Induction Wiring

    That's exactly what I was looking for. thanks TM!
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    1981 Air Induction Wiring

    I'm sure there is info out there but I can't seem to find a real good detailed picture of the wiring at the solenoid. If someone could post a pic under the hood, my car was missing the solenoid so I bought a replacement and harness. The new harness does not reach the original wire that comes...
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    They also have the Borgeson gear box for 714.62 delivered. Seems like a fair enough price for us Canadians.
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    Do you have part numbers for the ujoints, I am looking to do the same. Thanks in advance!
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    Steering Help

    Who did you buy yours from? I'm looking at doing the same, just looking for best option purchasing in Canada.
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    Hey Canadian welders!

    I get mine at KMS tools, I did purchase the bottle and now just have them refill. Can't recall what I paid though and haven't filled it in over a year.
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    Personalized Plates

    My home province makes me so proud.

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