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    1972 TH350 Torque Converter

    Is the 9.25" bolt pattern quoted by the OP being confused as an od measurement by bigdav160 ?
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    One temp gauge reads higher than the other - both in intake.

    450bench, that is a really nice and tidy looking little Vega you've got there. Put another temp gauge in the cyl. head and you will have a 3rd temp reading , Hah ha
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    Second Gen Stock Hood Clearance

    FYI, I put a rompin stompin 427/425 horse type rat in a '78 Camaro, back in 1986. Pulled the factory 305 out and used same OE mounts. Had a Holley Strip Dominator with an 800 dbl pumper and there was no way the flat hood would even come near closing with any type of breather IIRC. Ended up...
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    Rear ended vent question

    Didn't the vents have a "floating" cap that could rise to release pressure and normally remain closed to prevent contaminants from entering ?
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    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    Here is a pic of hose
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    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    Mine is a GM 14013520 from about 20 years ago. I recall at that time that the look or fit of the aftermarket hoses (Goodyear, Dayco and Gates) sent me back to the Chevy dealer for what I felt was a more correct, better fitting piece.
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    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    biker, I have a 1980 Z28 that was ordered with HD cooling. I replaced my upper rad hose quite a few years ago with a GM part. I can try to get the number for you if you still need it.
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    Wix/Napa oil filter

    I used to sell Kralinator and Luber Finer filters many years ago ...
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    First Passes with Peanut Port BB

    I believe they are referring to the smallest more round than oval, ports that were often scorned and used for door stops or boat anchors. See pic in next post

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