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    10 bolt trans am rear with factory disc brakes

    I posted this on craigs list but thought I'd mention it here. 1980 Trans Am rear end complete with factory disc brakes, brake lines, ebrake cables. 3:08 Posi. Had it in my 1970 Camaro. No issues with it but I'm switching to a 4 link so it's gotta go. $550...
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    somebody got caught * NWS language*

    To add salt to the wound... it may not be covered by insurance. If they say it's intentional, there's no coverage. If they say it's vandalism, the owner could be required to press charges against her before insurance would pay. That looks like a lot of damage.
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    Detroit speed rear spoiler

    Is does look neat... Is it me or do those end pieces look like factor spoiler ends turned upside down.
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    1970 SS built sheets

    I agree with Green Hornet... two different Vins. Off by 1 digit.
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    Reproduction 70 nose in fiberglass ....ugh

    FWIW... there is a used GM Nose on EBay right now for $400
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    Help I messed up

    Happens to all of us at some point... fortunately, you didn't send a valve through your piston. Tell us more about your set up. Intake, Carb, Trani, Rear Gears. With a little more info you might be able to get some better ideas for a suitable cam.
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    Bill Paxton, Game over man Rest in peace. :(

    Media is saying he underwent heart surgery but suffered a massive stroke afterward.
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    Finished the Z28 finally!

    Very's begging to be built! I agree about the 20's being a bit large but the Zl1 rims are nice. I'm sure you could find a similar wheel in an 18
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    A Question and an F up

    +1 on having been down that road with the windshield. I can still hear the noise as the windshield cracked. Now I use a heat gun on the outside of the windshield to soften the glue. As far as the temp sensor. Obviously, its important to keep away from any heat sources and direct...
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    What the heck in this connection for?

    Isn't that the brake warning light connector? I think it attached to the proportioning valve.
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    Insurance for Project - Fire Danger

    The majority of homeowner insurance policies in the US are written or based on the ISO HO-3 policy. The HO-3 homeowner policy will absolutely not cover a car you own whether it's in a garage, a barn, or the driveway. 4. Property Not Covered We do not cover: c. Motor Vehicles. (1) This...
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    Insurance for Project - Fire Danger

    Sending prayers your way and hoping the fire get's under control quickly with no damage or loss of life.
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    What Do You Think Of This Car

    There are some shots of it dried off but I agree, you'd need to see this in person for the price they're asking. Minor detail but isn't the windshield molding supposed to be black?
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    So was it a truck? Or an assault truck?

    Just got back from vacationing in France. We chose France because we felt they've had a rough go lately and we wanted to show our support. State Dept cautioned against traveling there but that would be letting the terrorist win. The people couldn't have been nicer. They were more saddened...
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    Digi Tails Tailights

    I recall their kit comes with a "T" tap to get power from a constant 12 volt source. Although I've used T-taps, I could see them causing intermittent voltage situations if not crimped properly or if disturbed. If you're using the t-tap, maybe try a more positive connection. Try running a wire...