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    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    I used my ZTR to push/pull the 56 around when I was working on it. Works great.
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    Battery disconnect switch and ground - a stupid question.

    I misspoke when I said mini relay, I meant mini circuit breaker. I got if from EvilBay, it fits into a standard fuse holder and is wired just like the fuse you described, jumpered around the battery disconnect. All the extra wires I have are for the in tank fuel pump relay, pos/neg cables...
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    Battery disconnect switch and ground - a stupid question.

    Think I have something like you're describing, a picture would be helpful. If so, no the car will not start. The starter will draw too many amps and blow the fuse. I'm using a 3 amp mini relay on my setup. So when my old forgetful azz forgets to reconnect the ground, it just trips the relay...
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    Cheap 283 on my local FB. Will it direct swap?

    Heads will not be drilled for accessories.
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    Convert to manual steering

    Power steering uses virtually no horse power when going straight, like down the drag strip. The pump is in bypass so it's not a draw on the engine. As for weight, unless you're going strip only, I can't see the gain worth the pain. New or rebuilt boxes are not that expensive and a lot less...
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    Water Pump Rebuild Kits

    I'm guessing you're dealing with a date and p/n correct issue? I've never used that specific kit but I have rebuilt water pumps before. Looks to be a complete kit.
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    Amsoil - How do I leave a review on a product?

    Are you using any ad blockers? I have uBlock origin and it sometimes prevents me from bringing up links on some web sites. I guess it thinks they are popups and steps in.
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    Long time no see!

    Glad to see you back and in a situation you can get going on the Camaro.
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    Too short to work under hood!

    ^ That's for working on lifted Fords. ^
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    Please let us know how that works out.
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    My new 71 arrived today!

    Great looking Camaro, something you and the family can get out and enjoy.
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    I can see an early demise coming for this thread.
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    Prothane or Delrin

    I have Custom Works rear shackle kit, rubber on front spring eye and lower shackle. Delrin on upper shackle. Rubber needs to be where it is to allow spring to articulate.
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    As I said in my first post, Daniel has done work for me. Gauges from 79 are very distinct, do you have pictures that Daniel sent back to you?
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    I got scammed by a guy.

    With your predetermined disposition and aggressive stance, I don't see this going anywhere on this site. To me - you're the one that's the problem.

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