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    Cragar louvers

    Rounded window.
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    Alston Sub Frame Connectors For Sale

    They are suppose to cover Suppose to fit 70 - 81
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    Alston Sub Frame Connectors For Sale

    Have a brand new set of Alston Bolt On Sub Frame Connectors for sale.(Powder Coated Black) Sold car before installing so I do not have a need for the connectors. $150.00 plus shipping.
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    WTB Subframe Connectors

    I have a set of the bolt on type. Brand new. Sold car before I installed. They are the Alstons bolt on type.
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    Cragar louvers

    The locking mechanisms
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    Moultrie Swap Meet

    Will be at Moultrie Swap Meet this weekend with 78-81 Camaro parts to sell . Message me with any questions about parts.
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    Cragar louvers

    Have some sought after Cragar louvers for sale. Good shape, no latches. $300
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    New 90 wheel F.S.

    $80.00 plus shipping
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    Dallas shooters kills 4 LEO's during peacefull protest. Live now!

    First report was wrong. Here is the link.
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    Dallas shooters kills 4 LEO's during peacefull protest. Live now!

    Had one of our police officers get ambushed & shot in our town today. Shooter called 911 & said he had been shot & when officer arrived he unloaded on the officer. Officer will make it. Crazy thing is the shooter was Asian.
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    F.S. Passenger side rear frame section

    Have a nice section of rear passenger frame rail. Can cut to desired length. $80.00 plus shipping.
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    New 90 wheel F.S.

    New N90 wheel ready to bolt on & go! $100.00 plus shipping
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    What can I do about noisy upstairs neighbors ???

    I think people these days just don't have a clue or they just don't care. If talking doesn't do no good;I think the dog whistle would be something to try.I remember those apartment days & boy I don't miss them.Had a bunch of fat whores that lived above me & it was like rhinos mating ! Good luck !
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    Winter has finally got here

    41 tonight, 70 tomorrow. Driving to the local cruise in tomorrow afternoon. You guys ca have the white stuff !

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