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    74 Z28 Air Cleaner?

    1974Z without a doubt
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    Can you imagine doing this?

    Those are (Y) rated tires for dudes got some big balls.
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    WTB Two 1970 Rear Bumper Guard (Fangs) 1/4-20 Bolts

    Look here they'll have what your looking for.
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    WTB "O" rocker arm

    1974Z had them as well.
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    Who is running 17" Cragar Eliminators (Pics Please)!!

    Looking for wheel info backspacing, offset I'd like to get the biggest tires I can with out rubbing. Wheel wells are stock I'd like to keep them that way. Thanks!!
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    71 Camaro Doors

    Yes it will fit, their are internal structural safety differences (crash bar) but outward appearance is the same.
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    1972 Z28 Camaro Paint

    1973 Midnight Green code 48
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    LS Swap Oil Pan

    This is the one I went with. GM pan for an f-body
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    Cost of an LS swap

    Stay on topic..........We are discussing cost not YOUR opinion.
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    Cost of an LS swap

    Save your's not a bargain build to do it right, but everyone has a different interpenetration of doing it right. I've got over 4K into mine with a used 5.3L (44K miles) Edelbrock intake w/carb, running a 4-speed hyd. clutch. Texas speed 228R cam. Everything turned out awesome...
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    RS Grille on Ebay Great driver condition RS Camaro grille. Surround is in very good condition for its age with minor pitting. The grilles are in driver condition as well. The Z28 emblem is...
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    Steam tube for LS engine (For Sale)

    Aftermarket part never installed $30 + shipping
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    1974-77 Headlight Bezels (For Sale)

    GM bezels in good driver condition $50 + shipping.
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    Best place for Headlight trim, grille, etc?