Just a old hippie trying to relive them good ol days cruising in the 71 RS (lived in Kansas at the time,remember RS on this car stood for Rust/Special,but was still a lot of fun. Found a red 77 Camaro rolling shell for my newest money pit. Guess I'm weird I like the big fat alum. bumpers but I do like the 70-1 cars too,just more money it seems. Got a bunch of SBC parts like a 67 Z28 engine and a spicy 283 from a early vette my retarded brother wrapped around a tree.Got a 73 350 on the stand I'm building now but I'm gonna throw the 283 and powerslide in the 77 and get it running and driving to get me excited on the car. Love this site!
Dec 18, 1961 (Age: 61)
Retired Boat/Outboard Tech

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