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    The Camaro from Holland.

    Is there enough room between dipstick tube and sparkplug for the boot? Looks really tight on the picture.
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Thankfully the camaro is not a daily driver - especially not the way it is registered right now. But good to keep in mind, and hopefully the electric conversion takes care of this issue.
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    1979 Berlinetta Z28 Dress from Germany

    Well its September 2019, and what do I have to show up for? Nothing. Literally nothing happened to the car. Except, that I bought an 80€ 1977 "presumably original" Qjet for the car. I do feel I have to take thing back on track and finally DO something; strangely enough from doing nothing it...
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Yes, I am fairly new at this, especially considering Qjets. The PO had installed a Holley DP - IIRC 4150 - and left most things unattached. It ran, but not what I would call good. Than years past I'm in the process of restoring it kinda original. And yes, I bought that carb and if I am lucky I...
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Indeed the climate is milder and wetter than what I experienced in the US. One reason is, German legislation doesn't "like it" if you let your car idle to warm up. But the main reason is, I have a steep curved driveway, and the back porch of my neighbor in direct line of sight. And he hates the...
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Thank you
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    As it has a hot air choke, can this be easily switched to a electric one? Or what do I need, except what is already on the carburetor?
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Hi Thanks for the evaluation. Indeed these bolt holes look pretty worn. I can't really tell of the previous history of it. Supposedly it was on the camaro and was switch for a hood scoop and edelbrock carb, cause "i think it is cool". So far I have a Holley 4150 double pumper (if I remember...
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    Advice on buying Rochester Quadrajet

    Hi, I need your knowledge again. Is this Qjet correct for a 1979 Berlinetta with a 350cui engine? - thats what it supposedly came from. Is this carb in good 'ready to drive' condition? What additional costs do I have to consider, except the 80€ ~ 90$ buying cost? What do I have to do to make it...
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    Do it yourself drip rail install

    Hi, I know this thread is old but I just realized that the pictures in the first post can't be seen anymore. Can this be fixed?
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    Falloutboy (Julian) Meet & Greet/Museum Tour

    Been just over seven years, and I still fondly reminiscence and love to tell stories about this and the rest of voyage. (strangely people seem to be fed up about these old old stories of mine :confused:)
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    What Remflex Exhaust gaskets do I need?

    Well calling them is a bit difficult, as I am over the pond and in very different time zone. But what engine do you have? A normal SBC? Did your ports looked like mine? Did your header flange looked like mine?
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    What Remflex Exhaust gaskets do I need?

    Anyone any insight? If I measure my port I get 1-3/8" width 1.43" height But non of the gaskets actually fit these dimensions :(
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    Just a 79 camaro

    No need for additional switches, the OE locations and sort of valves and switches is enough and sufficient. Remember u can buy premade hoses if your car and locations of things (compressor, heater and such) is mostly stock. If you switched places of generator and compressor u may need your...
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    Downunder '81 Berlinetta RHD

    Ok, well than, yes, u need to either fab up a micro switch that triggers the OE reverse light switch or to fabricate a linkage again.