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    YOU are obviously not Joe Perry....not sure what Matt's beef is with him but it is certainly a
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    70 Chevelle SS Recreation

    Not terrible.....but that front end has to GO..... there is a reason people modernize OLD cars...cause it's still the OLD CAR. The soul is still re-skin a new car to "look" like something else....well it's still just anew car.
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    Throw out bearing retainer with groove.

    the retainer is easy to swap. 4 bolts and a little tap tap hammer... TIP: before installing NEW bearing retainer....make sure it fits your bellhousing!!;) The chinese have been known to miss a couple dimensions here and there and is MUCH easier than holding the tranny up there wondering WTF it...
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    SST Clutch Hydraulic Master Cylinder Hole Location

    IIRC the little prink punches (2x) are for the BOOT that goes over the clutch rod. I do NOT recall there being a prick punch for the CENTER of the clutch rod is the info you are looking for ...just ai never measured MINE as I forgot to before re-assembling the booster and stuff...
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    4 speed pedals question

    thumbs up great know to figure out what it ACTUALLY goes was running before WITHOUT it....probably run again WITHOUT Thanks for the diagram
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    1980 Bird resurrection!!

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    4 speed pedals question is the "umknown" hell I don't even know if it is for the clutch pedals....I found it in the floor and looks like it MIGHT go with A pedal assembly...???
  9. clutch pedal pc3.jpg

    clutch pedal pc3.jpg

    unknown piece to pedal assembly?
  10. clutch pedal pc1.jpg

    clutch pedal pc1.jpg

    unknown piece of clutch pedal assembly.....maybe??
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    1980 Bird resurrection!!

    brakes are 100% DONE, bleed, leak checked and ready to improvise e-brake cables. The couple of firewall plugs are installed and sealed. Time to move on to the clutch linkage and pedals.
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    Random sayings

    for every pig there is a pig f8ker Six on one hand, half dozen on the other
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    The 2 word game

    along while
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

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    1st post! 70 RS Rear disc conversion Question ^^^^ easy way hard

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