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    Wheel PAINT

    i need to paint my 5 spoke steel to color match my car black. current color is factory gray silver as from earlier year camaro,s what paint should i use?
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    GMPP 383 short block: would you pay $1,000 more for made in USA?

    steel prices are up drastically over the past year. i have had three 10 percent increases in the last 3 weeks for steel pipe
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    anti freeze disposal

    i have around 20 gal. of propylene glycol and 20 gal of ethylene glycol left over from some work projects. where does everybody dispose of their ?
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    Thanks for NO politics here

    thank you for the no politics policy. amen
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    Crazy stuff found in cars when restoring

    my body shop found a set of chippendale male dancer playing cards when doing my quarter panels. i eventually ran across the woman who had owned the car, she said they were not hers, but probably her sisters who had the car after her.
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    Anybody been to an indoor ROCK concert lately?

    have to several small venue shows, not many since covid and pot is legal here, Illinois. but the no smoking rules have kept it all out that I've seen.
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    1979 Camaro With Hurst t tops.

    i currently don't have any but i could probably take some and upload i am not good at tech stuff
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    1979 Camaro With Hurst t tops.

    i have hurst on my 79 also.
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    Rough, plumbing advice.

    plug with hydraulic cement,home depot has it, that is good old cast iron pipe, can last a long time but tends to be brittle over time. sleeve with pvc, or maybe see if they make any pipe liners like they use on city sewer systems. but like everybody said it is a florr drain, not your toliet.
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    engine advice

    thanks for that advice i am hoping to confirm n the next day or so. found a shop that specializes in hondas. they seem to think along the same lines but wont know till he gets into it. i think one shop said around 16 hours labor to replace and 12 to 16 to re ring.
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    engine advice

    yes trying to get my cost options, used engine 1200 plus tax/shipping etc. labor to install? head rebuild? hard to get cost estimates and since i am not familar at all with fwd set ups and not set up to do any major repairs.having trouble finding info on it too. dealerwas quoting 130 an hour labor.
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    engine advice

    i will have to try when i get it home
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    engine advice

    it is my daughter i will try to help as much as possible. i am trying to come up with a solution. used engine has pros and cons? repair what is the cost? or take the loss and buy something else?
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    engine advice

    yes i am thinking of that. but seeing the cost of used engines $$$ and time is a issue. i dont know if it is worth it try for a tear down just to get down the road and unload it or if its worth the cost of a used engine. or take a loss now.