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    Gas Smell

    Could it be the float occasionally sticking and overfilling the bowl?
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    My baby. I'm so proud of her.

    Very impressive picture. My daughter was just elected majority leader in the Oregon House of Representatives and yes, just like you, we're very proud of her.
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    When did I get old?

    I cut our grass Monday in 103 real feel heat and I was pooped but as I got thinking about it, maybe it had to do with the fact I'm 75 and gave a double unit of blood last week. Duh.
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    Cruise night

    I knew this was going to happen. We live in Morris and I really wanted to go but we're going to be out of town tomorrow. Morris isn't big enough for 2,000 cars but has had over 800 before and that pretty well fills up downtown. What's nice is that each of the 5 events held each year benefits...
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    Trying to get a Volvo key made... NEVER AGAIN

    Here is what has been posted so far.
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    Trying to get a Volvo key made... NEVER AGAIN

    I posted on a Volvo forum to see if anyone has some ideas on a reasonable cost or some alternative to a dealer. I recently had to have a new key programmed at the dealer for our Pacifica and it ran $140.
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    Any Motorweek Fans?

    I saw that the other night and it was a fitting sendoff.
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    The "old" Tamraz" was always good to deal with. I took my RS grill surround in to them and they sent it back to the plater three times because they weren't happy with it. I had never seen it but they wanted it to be right before I picked it up.
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    I checked them out for front sway bar brackets and they literally had almost nothing listed on their website. I used to do a lot of business with them since they are relatively local but I know that the owner, Mark, died a few years ago so that may be part of the problem.
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    20 years

    My 20th was this past February.
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    passing over: Pat Goss

    I watched Motor Week tonight and I was really disappointed in them. For someone they worked with for something like 40 years, I would have expected a nice tribute, not an old picture and a plain in memoriam page.
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    The Future of Battery Electric Automobiles

    As the owner of two plug-in hybrids, at this point, I wouldn't purchase a BEV as our primary vehicle. We make an annual 1100 mile trip each summer and fall and I'm the type of driver who just wants to go, and not wait around to recharge, even if there were places to do so. The point about cold...
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    passing over: Pat Goss

    Very sorry to hear that. I only know him from Motor Week but I've always enjoyed his pieces.
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    For those waiting for a Porsche...

    I also saw that there may be some EV's on board with large lithium batteries which will make things very complicated.

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