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    540 Big Block 81 Camaro build

    thank you
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    540 Big Block 81 Camaro build

    where did you get the LED tail lights??
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    lake george 2014 whos going?

    I'll be up there this year my car is getting painted a metallic blue right now, the last 5 years at the show it was green with the lift off hood. I'm sure poeple have sceen it and probably talked to me
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    lake george 2014 whos going?

    thats doc Z's car
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    Heady Topper- The Alchemist

    great beer one of the strongest IPA's you can get its extremely hoppy
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    2015 All Camaro Parade May 17, 2015

    I already signed up looks like a lot of CDCNY members are going
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    Rebuilt engine smokin' up a storm

    take the intake manifold off and check your gaskets. I believe you are pulling oil into the cylinders at that gasket
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    Best supplyer of body panels

    DO NOT BUY OER origional equipment reproduction they are terrible!!!!
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    Rocker Panel Woes

    If you paint over that in less then 3 years it will bubble, why not just cut out the bad sections look inside and see what you have.
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    Door skins... Goodmark vs AMD

    I bought mine through classic industries, they were OER origional equipment reproduction, I bought door skins that fit so bad, the body line on the botttom was over a 1/4 inch to short, the mirror bracket on the inside was missing. I also purchased front z28 front fenders 20 hours later of...
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    new pannels, finish paint the inside

    I agree for the outside, how about the inside
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    new pannels, finish paint the inside

    I just bought a bunch of replacement pannels, rockers door skins stc. does anyone paint the inside? they already are edp coated maybe rubber undercoating or just install them as is.
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    Anybody running a laser jammer?

    My friend owns a aston martin, it has a dectector device from the factory. Here is how he go nabbed. Cop is out of his car hiding behind a bridge with a hand held radar gun. the gun only sets off the radar dectector when the trigger is applied he waits until the car is close enough that...
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    advise on fighting a ticket

    if you have not had a parking ticket in over 10 years a lawyer can get it reduced to a 401A or whaterver it is called. Its a parking in a non parking spot without the use of hazard lights. Non moving violation no points just a small fine. I have only got 2 tickets in my life been driving for...
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    new pannels, paint the inside?

    That was exactly what I was looking for advice from someone who has done it, with success. I appreciate you taking the time to write that long post