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    Savannah GA,

    Yes, may be following my job over that way.
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    Savannah GA,

    Are there any members around the area. May be looking to make a move soon.
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    1973 Interior Help

    It goes under.
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    Robert's 73 Formula

    It's been awhile since any updates on this page for me. Some of yall have seen the pics of udated little project on FB. I have now had the car on the Road since last March and have just a little under 5k miles on the build.
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    Tanks Inc FI Another fuel leak!

    For the person that posted the pic of the roll over vent, I see one problem in that pic. Tank's website shows for you not to have any bends or dips in the vent line. These tanks do not like any pressure in them at all and will cause the tank to leak around the gasket and from the vent lines...
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    Dakota digital dash installation

    My buddie get $300 for a install.
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    How to - Headlight Relays

    Old thread I know, but one question. Is this for the stock head lights or for aftermarket head lights like one that uses the H4 bulbs?
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    Who is using what for a headlight relay kit?? (brighter headlights) H4

    If done correctly the headlight switch on the dash will only be see the 12v from the fuse box. The headlight switch is being used to turn the relay on. The relay is what should only be drawing current from the battery.
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    Camaro RS LS1 Build Thread

    If they skipped there, you better go over the car with a fine tooth comb just to be sure they did not miss anything else.
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    Ebay is just getting crazy now

    For the sale prices, shipping should be free.
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    My 1979 Camaro Z28 Project!

    I really like the light, most of the aftermarket things don't really go with the car.
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    1980Z redneck-touring vortec/6spd

    One trick I have learned load my car. With the trailer hooked up, I place a block of wood under the trailer jack and lift the front of the trailer in the air a little which lowers the back. This help to give a more friendly incline to the trailer.
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    My 73 Type LT Winter build

    Poly tends to bind in moving part and also tend to squeak.
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    New Cuda being tooled

    That was back in the day when young people could afford a muscle car. Now with a base Camaro being 24k, it's hard for a young person to afford one.
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    My 73 Type LT Winter build

    That is good to hear that the ins took care of you right away. That is strange that a mech shop took so long. I would not install the poly bushing in the control arms.