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    79 bumper cover options?

    Hi - I find myself needed to get a new bumper cover for my 79. I've seen the posts about new urethane ones, but am struggling to find anyone stocking them. Does anyone know if these are still available any where, and if not, what alternative options to do I have? BTW - based in the UK, so...
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    Brake combination valve

    First thing will be to work out why the valve has gone to the side. There'll be a problem in either the front or rear brake lines - either a blockage causing high pressure, or a leak and low pressure. Work out which and fix it. After that, stamp and release the pedal a few times - it can...
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    Help removing window glass hardware

    I gently tapped a screwdriver sideways into the holes. Slow but effective.
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    Tie rod end hits sub frame

    To me it looks like a mismatch between the idler and pitman arms. The pitman looks longer and is what's pushing link backwards when it turns.
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    Clamshell motor mount removal

    Hard to be sure from the pic, but it looks like the drivers side insert might be upside down. To me it looks like the metal tabs are different widths and you have the narrow tab at the bottom. I wonder if was the other way up you wouldn't have a clearance issue?
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    Difference between cross members

    I've managed to find a TH200R4 to swap in place of my TH350 and I'm trying to work out what I need to do with the cross member. I read somewhere that a cross member for a TH400 would fit (possibly turned around?) Can anyone explain what the difference is between the TH350 and TH400 cross...
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    patch panel rear quarter panel question

    Check the Tabco ones. I think they are thicker.
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    Looking for pictures - quarter to tail panel, bottom corners

    Excellent. Exactly what I was after - many thanks
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    Looking for pictures - quarter to tail panel, bottom corners

    Thanks for the pics, but I'm struggling to work out what panels I'm looking at. I think some of that might be because yours is an earlier model than mine. Can you take pictures from the outside, looking slightly upwards at the corner? I'd like to be able to trace where the quarter runs as it...
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    Looking for pictures - quarter to tail panel, bottom corners

    Hi, I'm getting close to welding my qtr skins in, but the bottom corner isn't formed as original and overlaps the tail panel by about 4 inches. I know this is wrong and it requires trimming to fit, but I have no idea how the original panels fitted in this area. I'm looking at the lower...
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    Trunk floor repair

    I replaced both drop offs on mine (and more!), and fabbed a section of the trunk floor where they join in both cases. Take a look nearer the end of my project thread -
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    Cutting for quarter skins - advice/opinions sought

    I fear I've made it more difficult for myself. I wasn't sure of the condition of the metal around that lower corner of the window, and didn't want to cut below it now, only to find out it was rusted there. With the window out I've stripped a bit of the paint off there and have indeed found a...
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    Cutting for quarter skins - advice/opinions sought

    I've reached a stage where I'm ready to cut/fit my rear quarter skin. So far I've lined up the skin and marked it's outer edges. These are Tabco skins, that are bigger than the usual skins you see. The metal gauge on these is thicker than the more common skins too, and is similar thickness to...
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    Jamieg285's '79 in the UK

    One good thing that has come out of the Covid lockdown is more time at home and more time working in the car! Welding of the trunk floor patch went well. After which I cleaned up some of the welds and added the trunk/tail panel support. It took a bit of hammering and clamping to get it laying...