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    I'm stumped????

    I have been researching the 1st number on the head deck. 1 = Chevy 3 = year (73) K = plant where made (can't find what city K is the abbreviation for) 501768 is the last 6 digits of the original cars vin Does anybody have any idea how to find how to match up that vin with a car?
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    I'm stumped????

    Thanks 70RS327, Your the first person that could ever decode that CKL. I even sat at Barns & Noble for an hour and a half reading through their engine numbers books. Do you have any specs on that engine? ------------------ Ground up restification of a '70/'73 hybrid with an unidentifiable 350.
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    Where are all the # ?

    You will also need the numbers off of the mating deck of the head and the block. Mine was behind the alternator. These numbers are stamped so if your block has ever been decked they are more than likely history. ------------------ Ground up restification of a '70/'73 hybrid with an...
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    I'm stumped????

    engine casting - 3970010 (the most common block Chevy has ever produced) Casting date - 293 ON the matin surface of the head and block there are two numbers: 1. 13k501768 2. f0202ckl My heads have a casting # of 3998993 and a date of A103 And finally my intake is 346249 Thanks in advance...
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    hugger orange z

    I checked the ToysRus web site and couldn't find it. I found the Baldwin/Motion Camaro and a "American Muscle Olive Green 1970 1/2 Camaro Z28". Where are you guys finding this car. I want one really bad cause that is the paint job that I'm puttin on my car. ------------------ Ground up...
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    Cruise Night and Car Show

    I don't know my geography very well. How far away is that from KC? ------------------ Ground up restification of a '70/'73 hybrid with an unidentifiable 350.
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    KC clubs

    I know there is a Camaro Club of Kansas City but I can't find any info on it anywhere. Unless anyone has anything to add I guess I'll just have to wait until car show season and hope there are some members showing. ------------------ Ground up restification of a '70/'73 hybrid with an...
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    Holley 4bbl decoding

    Check out this page and go to Holley carb info