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    Heater Core Foam Seal Placement

    Sounds good, appreciate the input.......
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    Heater Core Foam Seal Placement

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    Heater Core Foam Seal Placement

    This is on a non-AC '74 Z-28....if I am leaning over the passenger-side fender, looking at the heater core tubes coming out of the firewall, which position will the seal go over the included.
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    18-Year-Old Curiosity

    5 1/2-year bump......
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    Reinstalling Heater Core, Thoughts/Experiences On Proper Way To Seal

    I wound up getting a heater core that is the same thickness as the original, now ready to put it in the repainted heater box. There was some petrified black sealer on the old one, and I already have some 3M Strip Caulk I will probably use, since it looks similar to the old stuff. Looking for...
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    Aftermarket Firewall Insulation Pad Options

    Appears there is a generic pad offered vs. a molded OEM type, pretty good difference in price too. Has anyone recently replaced this item, if so, with what type, regrets, PITA, etc.?
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    Best replacement Heater Core brand?

    Interested here as well. Got the heater box/core out this past weekend, and the new heater cores are understandably thinner than the OEM. Thinking of getting the original one recored, for security as well as fitment.........
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    Wiring mini-starter

    I recently put a DB Electrical mini starter on my car, and it use a spade connector instead of a ring........
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    Proper Fastening Hardware For Upper & Lower Grills

    Gives me a fresh vantage point, thank you very much for the pics......
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    70 camaro on misfit garage

    Always remember....the first casualty of reality television is.....reality.
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    Custom rear view mirror This one is cleaner than the version that sticks on to your existing mirror, but seems they are not as readily available as they once were....
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    Proper Fastening Hardware For Upper & Lower Grills

    Mine have been out of the car for so long not sure what the fasteners were originally, anyone have any pics, part numbers, etc. on the proper hardware? It also seems like the two center holes on the upper grill have a gap between them & the areas behind them where they need to reach.....
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    To Grease Or Not To Grease, That Is The Question....

    All participants will receive absolutely nothing for answering this poll......
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    New Wilwood Prop. Valve, Anyone Using It?

    OK, mine being a '74 the lines should obviously be the same. From reading reviews on Amazon, the line coming from the rear is probably the one needing an adapter fitting......
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    Power steering pump

    I saw new replacement stock-type pumps in a Jeg's catalog the other day, around $160 or so.....