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    Lynne, the dogs and I are dropping by in a bit...answer your text message!!!! We'll be in a Subaru instead of a Camaro
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    Been awhile and i come to ask a favor

    Praying for your dad and family!
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    Happy Birthday Shawn, Guy, Laine and Gary Bickel

    Happy Birthday guys!
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    Lol, yeah it does John, but at least I got it back before they got everything (really anything, except my tools) they wanted...
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    That's right, they can't track it at my house in the boondocks, but they were able to at my apartment. Gotta check first!
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    I believe they hooked it and drug it off, I don't see them taking the time to peel the steering column open right in the parking lot, but maybe they did.
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    When I got the police report I got the listed address for the cat they interviewed and the address where the car was recovered (with a google earth street view). I would love to go by there and throw my hood out in the yard and leave...but no good could come from me going down there. Plus, they...
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    Dave, I think they had not seen the car yet, but had a strong signal from LoJack when they let the interviewee go, and he likely alerted the rest of the crew, and they disappeared. To me, everybody over 18 on that property was a suspect
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    I know Sal, at my house I don't need it, at my apartment I did!
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    Dec 11th 0130-0200 my Camaro was stolen out of the parking lot of my gated apartment complex in Smyrna, Georgia. Dec 11th 0600 my car was recovered by the Atlanta Police Department, in the hood. It was on jackstands, they were in the process of pulling the engine. They did around $4500 in...
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    Las Vegas peeps ...

    Nice offer Mary, wish I was closer!
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    Very cool, welcome aboard!
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    Happy Birthday MrAZZhat2U and Teamchevy

    Happy Birthday guys!
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    Post a flaw about yourself.

    I don't have time right now to search what I posted as a flaw before, but the more people I meet, and the more I discover the flaws of human nature, the more I realize that I have zero flaws...other than my 71 Camaro. Well, I guess that's one...
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    My LS Powered Summer Vacation....

    That's really nice Marty!

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