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    72 Camaro Misc Parts. $10ea

    PM sent
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    72 Camaro Misc Parts. $10ea

    Are the interior door handle and black cover come together or they priced separately
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    Misc parts to sell off my '72

    PM sent
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    73 RS parts front and rear suspension, exterior body, interior CA rust free

    Needing rear seat sheet metal panel where evap canister is located, need complete panel up to half of package tray. Would need to be cut off from car. Email me with pics or ? [email protected]
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    project 71 siknss

    i'm also needing package shelf assy. where did you buy (az?) would really appreciate the info. BTW good job on the build.
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    My 72 454...

    72 camaro rs not yet, but i will real soon. right now,just buying all parts that i will be needing
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    What did you pay?

    72 camaro rs paid $4000 for my 72 camaro rs in 2010.origanally from california,then colorado springs now texas.all original matching # 350/350 with 2 build sheets.restoration coming soon.
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    My 72 454...

    interested also in knowing the cost of media blast and where in houston?
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    OEM Rear Bumper - Nice!

    rear bumper interested. just send you a PM