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    78-81 parts

    Pm sent
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    WTB seat rail

    I have the same, need the one with the arm (left) The right side i imagine
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    WTB seat rail

    Still looking, i can also use a set of hex screws for the cluster if anyone has those kicking around.
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    WTB seat rail

    Hello, was wondering if anybody had a seat rail for my 80 z28? I need it for the driver side closest to the door. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I live in Ontario Canada BTW. Paypal only, Lmk a $ thanks.
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    Seller FEEDBACK thread

    Bought some sweeps from 70ish camaro and they arrived mint, perfect, packed good, didnt have to pay customs fees, very good communication, Thanks again man, would def. deal with you again Joe
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    WTB: Side View Mirrors

    Lol, ya sorry. I do have a set but wasn't sure if the glass was broken. But yes, i have a set and the pass side mirror has a crack in the glass.
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    WTB: Side View Mirrors

    Take it your not interested in mine lol
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    WTB: Side View Mirrors

    I have a set somewhere, not 100% sure but one glass may be cracked if I recall? You can have them for $20 because shipping will prob be pretty pricey from canada? Or if you have anything to swap we could just cover our own shipping? Lmk joe
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    2nd Gen AMD L/R Rear floor pans

    Would you sell just the pass side? If so would you ship to k6h 3s3 Canada? Lmk Thanks
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    WTB Misc. odds and ends

    Hey thanks guys, I have a set already that are in good shape, just looking for Z28 ones
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    WTB Misc. odds and ends

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    Anyone in or around Ont. looking for a 3rd Gen?

    New link to the ad
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    Chrome Rad Support F/S

    Real good shape, had it on my car but never ran it, changed the rad now no need for it. Maybe someone here may want it? It will fit 2nd gens with small rads, like a 267ci application or 305 maybe? But not the 350. $15 plus the ride
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    WTB Misc. odds and ends

    Worth a try, thnx \m/ I have a set of those as well, was looking for something different, white logo or something? Thanks though Joe

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