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    79 door strikers

    i purchased mine at oriellys, without sleeves. i recommend the sleeveless kind.
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    What companies have you boycotted?

    Viagra is great what are you smoking? Ford - Owned a ranger and hatted it Abercrombie and Fitch - Cant see why people want ripped up clothes at a high price 7/11 - Didnt like Dirka Dirka carding me every time i went in there for beer or cigs (multiple times a day,) cmon remember my face...
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    Bezel removal?

    there should be 6 or 8 hex heads to unbolt. then the cig lighter, seatbelt light, rear defrost, headlight and wiper switch's just need to be unplugged from there sockets and its out. sometimes the dash pad in these older camaros come apart around the instrument cluster (the vinyl becomes...
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    '70 "The Green Goblin"

    i wouldn't put those rear seats in. don't get me wrong they look great but they take up almost half of your field of view. remember safety first.
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    What Octane Booster do you use ??

    Touline is what i used in my SSEi Bonneville to prevent engine knock after my s/c pulley upgrades. I would however not use mineral spirits because it eats away at gaskets (guy on my pontiac forum did tests with different liquids by soaking different rubber in them to see how or if they...
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    ARGG! Networking Help

    make sure you can ping each computer from each computer, then try sharing a folder/printer, then map the drive. then you should be done. also it makes a diff if the pcs are running xp home or pro. also your ps3 will only be able to import pics,music and video and that is enabled within wmp
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    USC All metal body filler

    I’ve used it a lot, its also known and marketed as Alum-A-Lead. It spreads like normal bondo but it adheres stronger but doesn’t work well for really thin coats like putty does. it has a bit thicker consistency because of the aluminum particles found within. it also takes longer to dry. if you...
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    Bodywork question

    if you are having a hard time with judging high and low spots i use the rule "if you can feel it you will be able to see it" (in the finished product). lay your hand as flat as possible and go back and forth in all directions if you want a good feel of high or low spots because without the right...
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    Synthetic Oil

    Actually AMSOIL is....:)
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    trojan win32/cryptor

    Computers loose memory on a restart alone, unplugging it does nothing, its the file in startup on the hard drive you are referring to. What i would do in your situation is download a program called combofix.exe Restart your computer and press f8 on and off (after you here the beep or bios...
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    Windows XP - Media PC Problem

    your tuner card may be toast, the first thing i would do is find the newest driver for your tv card install that and see if it works.
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    Found some old PC parts.

    it kinda makes me sad that stuff like that doesnt even have value anymore. its still really advanced for some people and fun to me. i dont whip out the 386 to play Oregon trail or anything but damn...
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    New computer cold boot issue!!

    yes it does sound like a psu issue. good luck with your new corsair! if it wasn't the psu it was the mobo at failure. if you have a microcenter near by or another pc store you can pickup a psu tester very cheap or if you have a multimeter and a paper clip you can test every rail yourself to see...
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    FREE FOOD: KFC 2 piece grilled chicken, 2 sides and a bisquit is another place to get it. there is no pdf download file but the site works. it will make you download a coupon downloader and it will automatically print to your default printer. there is a four coup'n limit but who really wants that much kfc for the next two weeks?

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