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    My 1979 Camaro project

    Figure I would jump in here and post a quick update. Been working on getting everything road ready for the upcoming Hot Rod Power Tour. My son(14) and I are starting here in KC and hitting 4 other stops and will be heading back home from the Madison, IL stop. Will be almost 1000 miles round trip...
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    Another Rustoleum Paint Job

    Looks great! I just got done painting a work truck with Rustoleum Gloss red. Turned out ok but yours looks very good!
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    Colour sanding and paint correction advice

    I got my paper from Amazon. Used the Meguiars Unigrit paper and worked great. The polish I used was the Liquid Ice System. I got it from Eastwood on Ebay. Eastwoods Ebay sight had better prices that Eastwood did. Used the Harbor Freight Rotary buffer.
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    Colour sanding and paint correction advice

    My personal opinion here is to do the wet sanding by hand only. I was just too afraid of the DA getting away from me and burning through. As long as you soak the paper over night and keep the area wet it really doesnt take that much to do it by hand. Of course the polishing part use a rotary buffer.
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    What size A/C condenser pusher fan to use.

    Should have clarified. Thats what I did. I used that wire to trigger the relay for the fan.
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    What size A/C condenser pusher fan to use.

    Also, I just used the wire that used to go to the carb that increased the idle to turn the fan on/off. This way it comes on when the compressor comes on.
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    What size A/C condenser pusher fan to use.

    I put a pusher fan on mine. The only one I could find that would fit is a 10 inch one. You have to remove the crossbars and hood latch mount to install then will have to put a spacer on the bars to reinstall them. I only mounted one on the left side for now but am probably going to put the...
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    Suspension bushing kit

    My understanding is that you dont want delrin on all the leaf spring bushings. Check out Keith's website it explains it.
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    KC Cruise to the K

    The Camarofest is this weekend also in Riverside.
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    Suspension bushing kit

    I've got the delrin's from Keith in mine and they do make a difference in side to side movement. My rear tires would rub with the new rubber bushings when doing slalom's. After I installed the delrins the rubbing stopped. He has a good video on his website showing the difference.
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    Balancer sticks out to far

    Maybe the balancer has separated and the outer ring has moved
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    Air conditioning hoses

    Not sure if your are looking for brand new ones or used ones. I have the set off my '79 if you are looking for used.
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    How to make a 78-81 Z28 fender

    The problem with trying to cut them on the car is the firewall is right behind that area so you would have to stay pretty shallow to avoid hitting it. Also it would hard to put the nuts on the back of the fender vent...not sure if it is even possible with the fender on the car. The picture of...
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    WTB coolant overflow tank

    Thanks for the info. Would like to save a little money and find a used one if possible. Plus the new one would be so white it would stick out like a sore thumb.:D
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    WTB coolant overflow tank

    Just looking for one that doesn't leak. Not to worried about looks and don't need a cap. Just cheap and no leaks. Let me now price shipped to 64119...thanks!