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    car show

    just a reminder car show in forest city nc 8/15/09 hot rides cool nights check out to see last years pics its about an hr.west of charlotte nc off 74 you won't be disappointed.:bowtie:
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    Moving to the charlotte nc area

    dragstrip Zmaxx four lanes of racing can't beat it.
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    car show

    awesome one day car show in forest city nc 8/15/09 allways have at least 400-500 cars if anyone is interested you can go to it really is a good one.
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    question,I have a munsey 4 speed in my camaro it was supposed to have been rebuilt when I got the car,It scrapes when goin into 3rd gear,it dosen't jump out of gear and goes in easy and if I shift it just right it dosen't do it,you think this is in the sycronizers or the shifter.
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    Modern Gauges?

    theres a guy on ebay selling the dash panels with or without the gauge holes cut out that look pretty good for the money less than 200.00 the one in the pic above is a super nice job.well done
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    widest possible tire

    I just put 295/50/15 cooper gt radials(nice looking tires if you havent seen them well worth what they cost)plenty of clearance without sticking out from side of car no rolling fenders either with 10 in welds and 5/16 billet spacers I ordered off of ebay they actually fit the studs without...
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    1979 camaro to low in rear

    79 camaro too low in rear just thought I would let anyone else out there with the same promblem know,I put a set of late model nova springs like cardinal said it raised the car about an 1 1/2 but they where used springs so a new set probaly would have given me the height I was looking for...
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    1979 camaro to low in rear

    sagging rear springs thanks I try to find out I got a 1980z parts car but not sure if the springs are factory.
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    1979 camaro to low in rear

    sagging rear springs thanks I will look into it they are more than likely the original springs all I know is something is going to have to be done thanks for the input.
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    1979 camaro to low in rear

    I have a 79 camaro with 10 /15 welds 295/50 ta's rear is almost on tires air shocks are useless as they rub inside of tires allready tried 5/16 spacers.I read where cardinal said a nova multileaf spring had about 3 inches more arch than camaro anyone know what year of nova has this or any other...

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