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    '70 vs '70 1/2

    Weren’t there some magazines touting “77-1/2” when the Z was re-introduced?
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    '70 vs '70 1/2
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    '70 Heater Hose Clamps Question

    You’re welcome. And the worst part of that leak is it often isn’t apparent for a while, like when your passenger side carpet gets wet and that can take time or show up quickly.
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    1974 Z28 30 year project in NC

    Nice to see another “resale red” ‘74! 😎
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    '70 Heater Hose Clamps Question

    Solid advice. I’ve had that happen, back in the day.
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    More cold

    0c at the moment here (+32F) However, we had freezing rain overnight. Something that isn't even a consideration when it's -30. :cool:
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    Highway Patrol Episode with Clint Eastwood

    Funny you mention that. I just watched that episode a few days ago. Clint the THUG. o_O
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    74 Z28 engine modified vs original what to do?

    COPO raises a good point. The ‘70-‘72 air cleaners look much like the ‘74s, black base, chrome lid, twin snorkel & are made for holly carbs. I think they may be a little larger in diameter but look very good.
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    74 Z28 engine modified vs original what to do?

    Actually, I'm using an edelbrock spreadbore intake for my Qjet.
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    74 Z28 engine modified vs original what to do?

    Interesting you bring this up. In 1984 I bought my '74 z28. Even more interesting I bought the car with the "full knowledge" the original engine was gone and the engine in it had been built to resemble an LT1. It did not look at all original under the hood but hadn't been at all butchered and...
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    '70 vs '70 1/2

    Production numbers are posted on the nasty z28 “statistics” pages year by year. (1974 is incomplete, however)
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    '70 vs '70 1/2
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    '70 vs '70 1/2

    Supposedly there were 3990 Camaros built at the Norwood plant in November, 1969 which was the last month of production.
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    Spy Balloon

    I would think the authorities want to bring it down as undamaged as possible so it can be studied.
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    '70 vs '70 1/2

    This discussion reminds me of this crazy movie.