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    Last 1974 Z28 Built? (08D) 4th week of August

    IIRC there was no management/labour disruption in 1974. There was a long one in’72, however. My ‘74 non-AC type LT 4sp is a 04B build and came stock with 3:73 gears.
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    Fuel filter 1972 402

    Just put some gas in a gasoline approved jug and run a line from the fuel pump into the gasoline supply. Pour a little gas into the carb bowl to fill that and prime the primary side of the carb. Start the engine that way and the pump should start to draw fuel.
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    Last 1974 Z28 Built? (08D) 4th week of August

    You still have those little wire holders that clip to your valve cover fins. Practically irreplaceable. Don’t ever lose those.
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    One temp gauge reads higher than the other - both in intake.

    If the sending units are the same thread size you could switch the units to see if the gauge readings change. If they do not either the gauges are faulty (I would think it’s unlikely that both would be defective at the same time) or you truly have two different operating temps. Now whether...
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    Random sayings

    Confucius say: man who walks through turnstile sideways going to Bangkok. Confucius say: woman who flys plane upside down will have crack up.
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    1973 Camaro Type LT RS Z28 Project

    The ‘74 was essentially the same except the Rally Sport was dropped for that model year. Like in’73 the Z28 option was available on the coupe (code Q) or the type LT (code s) on the ‘74.
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    Carb question

    Hard to beat a properly tuned Qjet. Imho.
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    1972 rims

    Imho nothing looks better on an early 2nd gen Camaro than the stock 5spoke z28 wheels.
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    Random sayings

    How fat is she? She is so fat when she stands on a street corner the cops came by and told her to break it up. She is so fat her belly button echoed. She is so fat her bath tub has stretch marks. She is so fat to have sex with her you have to flip through the folds until you find the one...
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    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    From the OP's info thus far, I think he's pretty much ruled out the fuel pump.
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    1973 Camaro Type LT RS Z28 Project

    Good luck on your resto project. The triple option '73 is near the top of my fav 2nd gens.
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    73 Z carb

    I did an inflation factor calculator of $800 in 2014 to 1984 when I bought an OEM Qjet from GM for my '74 Z28 and you get a "change up" number, none of this "period correct" luxury. That number is $351. I'm sure I paid not much less than that back then.
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    74Z at local car show, no stripe

    That issue has been a huge source of debate. At some point before I bought my '74 Type LT Z28 (1984) and when the original owner sold it ('79-'80) the stripes were removed and fender emblems added. A few years back I was able to get pics of the car prior to those changes and sure enough, no...
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    70 real ZED

    I got my '74 in Calgary in 1984. I had been looking off and on for a while and even by 1984 so many early 2nd gens were either rusted or beaten to he*l.
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    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    And the slipping harmonic balancer could cause timing issues as well as a vibration. Interesting possibility!