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    70 trunk lock

    Awesome, thanks!
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    70 trunk lock

    My car has never had a trunk lock in it. Finally after 20+ years I have decided to put one in. I think I've bought everything except I have no idea what exactly holds the bezel in? As in what fastens it to the rear valance?
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    78-81 camaro parts for sale-interior, tail lights etc.

    Interested in the driver side seat foam... To 03561?
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    This time it is the Japanese cheating

    Nope, the article says that Mitsubishi's going back 20 years and the GM article you posted is for 2016 GMC's so GM would be following Mitsubishi's lead. Not that any of it matters. I've owned about every brand of "common" car ( no Bugatti's or anything) and have personally never had a vehicle...
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    Big Ford recall

    I was hoping it was going to be for the damn steering racks on the Explorers. I've had 3 out of 3 Explorer Interceptors that have needed the racks replaced. A 2013 at 45k, a 2014 at 70k and now a 2016 at 35k! And when it goes out you can't steer the vehicle, great design for an emergency...
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    Gun guys

    What really stinks is that I had an older 512 that I bought new for like $525 when they were the hot new thing and sold on line for $225 about 4 months ago. I coulda got my $525 back!
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    Gun guys

    I originally purchased mine for the same reason. At my last agency each Officer was issued a rifle but optics were not provided. If an Officer wanted optics you had to go with a "reputable" military style optic... Guess I chose wrong. My current agency has EoTech's on all the patrol rifles but I...
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    Gun guys

    For any of you guys that have EoTech optics you may be interested in this. If you haven't heard the government has sued L3 Communications over a problem with their holographic sights. Eotech is buying back the sights at what you paid for them plus $15.00 shipping. They did not require proof of...
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    On Boy.

    I so wish I knew that feeling. Every time I've pulled a carpet there's usually a chunk of steel stuck to it.:(
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    Discussion/Poll - Age of your Daily Driver

    2015 Ram 1500. There are several reasons I get a new vehicle every few years. The biggest reason is salt. If I lived somewhere that I could have a 1980's Silverado and just keep dropping new crate 350's into it every 10 years I would but that just doesn't happen around here. So before they need...
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    Hi-Point .45/Escort AimGuard 12-Ga??

    Sorry... Got to call total BS on this. Even a 12 ga slug WILL NOT knock any man back 8-10 feet even at close range. That is Hollywood BS. It's simple physics and it is not possible for a 230 grain bullet to move even 75 lbs of mass, no matter how fast it's traveling. I have carried a firearm...
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    Saw this on FB

    Bwahaha, now that's funny right there. I haven't thought about that in a wile.
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    I have one of these too. It has the best trigger of any of the pocket .380's out there.
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    Which AR to buy?

    With the three you mentioned I would go with either the Bushy or the S&W so long as it's not the stripped sporter model. The DPMS or Panther Arms have never been really high quality and have gone down hill more in the last 2 years or so. FWIW I do bitch work for a high end manufacturer of...
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    Finally scored a "Barn find"! 21,000 original mile 84 Z28

    Oh yah now I see it.

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