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    Speedometer cable replacement

    On my 71 I could get my hand up in there, removing the clip wasn't too bad but putting it back was hard. It is possible with the dash in place, I found it hard to seat everything properly and the first time I did it it wasn't fully engaged or clipped, the grinding made me cringe. So even if you...
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    1971 RS
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    I am looking for a 1.5 inch grommet to fill a hole in the firewall of a 79 Belinetta.
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    Gas gauge only functions when headlights turned on

    I replaced my gas gauge and for some reason, it only gives a reading when the headlights are turned on. My guess is I have to retrace the wiring to see what is up since I am fairly certain its wired the exact same as the one that came out. I was curious if anyone else experienced this issue.
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    Largest/Widest tire on stock 71

    Awesome info everyone, thanks so much.
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    Largest/Widest tire on stock 71

    Without changing ride height or cutting/bending fender what is the largest/widest tire for 15" rim on stock 71? Could I get somewhere between a 275/50 - 325/50 in there?
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    Camaro 1975 454 6-speed from Finland

    Dually wheels! Looks wicked.
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    Decoding Engine Code

    Thanks fester, That probably is correct, I do know it has been bored out, so they probably did deck it. Does that mean they grind down the original markings as well and re-stamp it? And as you say I do not seem to see the right front numbers. Just learning so I am curious about these things.
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    Decoding Engine Code

    Can't find anything related to what I see stamped on a block. The engine code reads RAI 1155. It's fairly clear. I will attach a photo. There seems to be no such date or related code I can make sense of with all the charts out there I am seeing. My guess is it's a replacement perhaps since...
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    tight accelerator, linkage moves well

    "Undo the throttle return spring and see where it's binding when you fully open the lever." Yes, thanks, this is where it felt tight to me, I had removed the spring while narrowing down the problem. I think your other suggestions are worth looking into as well. May be a good time to just learn...
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    tight accelerator, linkage moves well

    Thanks so much, seems like that's certainly worth checking out. Really helpful to me, and with photos, much appreciated. Looking forward to checking this out.
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    tight accelerator, linkage moves well

    The accelerator pedal is hard to push, so I checked the pedal itself, seems fine, the cable linkage is free and moving well, so I traced it to the accelerator pump on the carb. It's a Holley 4 barrel double pumper, the cam area seems to be tight since the springs and all are moving well. Any...
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    Space saver rim sticker

    Cleaned up this image of my space saver rim sticker so I can affix a new one after restoration. Thought others might need/want it. Here's the link to download the image.
  14. 1971 RS

    1971 RS

    My lifelong dream come true
  15. 1971 RS

    1971 RS

    My lifelong dream come true