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    How much is left in tank?

    Not much.
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    For Sale: 5 -Acre Property Includes More Than 300 Classic Cars

    I have met this guy a few times. I was attending a car show in Penticton BC and his company was doing some rock removal along Hiway 97 north of town. He came to the show and we talked for some time. He was in love with my 66 Nova. He is really into 69 Chevelles. He likes to talk.......alot. I...
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    New Shop!

    When I did my shop addition I added a bathroom and a wash bay/ floor drain. I have 3200 sq ft of space now but these two things are what I appreciate the most. I have 4 high windows for light and a large exhaust fan which helps with heat in summer and any unwanted smells. Also went with 400 amp...
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    My Father in Law's Eldorado

    The coolest looking Eldo ever made in my opinion. That thing screams sexy!!!
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    New Shop!

    Sorry. Meant to say enlarge the small door to 10' wide instead of 8'.
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    New Shop!

    I would make the small garage 10' wide x 7' tall.
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    my new PROJECT is SICK...1932 Buick !

    Can you post a pic of the bumpers? The only thing missing on my car is the rear bumper. Post a pick of front and rear. I may be a buyer. Pat
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    my new PROJECT is SICK...1932 Buick !

    The Olds and Buicks have 5 doors on the hood sides where as the Chevys had 4. Do you have the rest of the sheet metal, hood, grille etc?
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    my new PROJECT is SICK...1932 Buick !

    That's a really cool car. Keep in mind it is mostly wood structure with metal skin. The wood was pretty durable as long as it hasn't set out in the weather to rot. I have a 1932 Olds 4 door and the are almost identical. My car is complete and in very good shape too. Here is a pic of an original...
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    What type of dog breed is this

    I will have to sniff it first before I can be sure.
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    Garage Door Opener

    I also have Liftmaster jack shaft direct drive. Can't remember the model number. I have three of them that operate 16' x 12' insulated doors. Installed in early 2009 with no problems. They also have backup batteries that stay charged. They will operate in case of a power failure. I highly...
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    My new C10

    That's a great looking truck Bill
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    RS emblem

    Already did it !!!!! I think it looks awesome with the blue background.
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    RS emblem

    I found this on a late model Chevy Cruze. I like it cause it's smaller and has a nice style. Am thinking about one for the grille too. What are your thoughts?
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    hone for 1/2" hole

    You may have more luck finding an expandable reamer. I have never seen a hone for that small of a bore. Not saying there isn't, but you may have to look somewhere than automotive. Maybe a hydraulic repair place.