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    350 engine has low power above 3500 rpm + vibration

    Any time you are dealing with a loss of power, you have to go thru the list of things that can cause it, and eliminate 1 by 1. Ignition timing can be an issue but it would have to be stuck in no advance land for that to be an issue. Plugged exhaust can be another, cats, muffler or rats built a...
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    350 engines to avoid for a rebuild

    Since the topic of transmission has mostly been left out of the replies, I will throw in my 2 cents. The 200-4R is the same length as the TH350 and will not require a driveshaft change. The 700R4 will. This was why I went with the 200-4R for my Third gen Firebird. It is a lighter transmission...
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    Inner fender question

    I am so glad I found this post. Exactly what I was wondering also - mounting clip placement. I knew the valance was bolted under the inner fender extension but the position of the clip nuts was something that has baffled me over the 10 years I owned the car. Since mine did not have a valance...
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    36 Year Old Checked Lacquer:

    I think it would work fine. It is not like you are trying to impress anyone, and not like this is a show car / trailer queen. What has been proposed is probably better than most body shops would do unless you payed thousands in labor. Would be better than a $500 maaco job.

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