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    How to add a rear tail spoiler to a plain jane

    Hi, is there any way to open up the pictures on how to install a spoiler plain jane ?
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    1974-1981 Rear Spoiler Installation and mounting hole locations

    Oh, I wished you had the pictures to go with the measurements, but I appreciate the help.
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    1974-1981 Rear Spoiler Installation and mounting hole locations

    I need to readjust my rear spoiler had to replace my trunk lid; all advice appreciated, after replacing my trunk lid on my 75 Camaro I need to also align my rear spoilers on the side also. Anyone has measured drilled hole locations to help me.
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    New Replacement door Hinges ??

    Has anyone used the new replacement door hinges yet ? My old door hinges could be rebuilt but one bushing caused slight damage to the bushing hole so its a little worn . I noticed they are made in China like many things today sad.... Getting ready for body prep and doors are removed they are a...
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    Upper door and hood reveal chrome information needed

    Where did you find the screws thats by the drill bit ? Those look like the rivits on the trim . Thanks for sharing.
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    Upper door and hood reveal chrome information needed

    Has any one taken off the chrome to paint your car or to replace the chrome. I bought the 7 piece chrome but came with no instructions or hardware. Working on my 1975 Camaro
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    Speedometer gears Turbo 350 automatic transmission

    I know they sell a gear with certain colors representing the amount of teeth per gear ,can anyone tell me which gear is for a 278 gears, 308 gears and 342 gears? Highly appreciate it.
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    1975 Z28

    Wasn't no 76 Zs either mid 1977 .
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    1975 Z28

    There was one 1975 Camaro Z28 built was destroyed is what was reported , no Z28 till mid 1977 So 75 and 76 none sold to the public.
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    A/C Compressor Power Question

    I'm a HVAC mechanic , a few things that stop the compressor from coming on are low refrigerant the low preasure switch breaks the power to the compressor , the thermal limit fuse your describing . I switched to 134A and 48 - 50 ounces is all you add . 80% of what it was when R12 .AND OIL. Sounds...
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    What size drive shaft length and dia. on a 1975 Camaro

    My 1975 Camaro drive shaft is bent and vibrates when driving . My helper dropped it dinged it. I see new and balanced ones but don't know the correct size 350 engine and 350 transmission If someone knows this maybe also what size for a driveshaft for 700R4 or 200 4r transmissions also for...
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    Dash Blinker lights not working

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    Red wire with thin black stripe on wire need location where it goes. By Emergency Brake

    Well I decided to get a new buzzer contacts , and believe the old buzzer failed , so ordered a 12 volt buzzer off eBay. Just rebuild the whole thing with a on/off switch for the buzzer. Love for all the original bells and whistles to work. If you know somebody who has a buzzer or sell them let...
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    Turning my key switch is hard turn and sticks when you start car, seems like the spring or ??

    Its probably better to remove the lower hard plastic dash panel and lower the steering column , its real tight otherwise . I tried to put a small socket in there and its bumping things.