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    Some engineers…..idiots.

    A few years ago the A/C diverter actuator in my '05 Grand Prix failed. Seems the A/C controller kept commanding it to move even though it was at the end of its travel. Burned out the actuator. Cold air on passenger side, heat on the driver's (dual zone). In August of course! Dug out the Helm...
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    Scored some v8 juice tonight

    Actually, it's funny that the labeling states "100% Vegetable juice" when in fact the majority of it is FRUIT (as Tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable). ;)
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    Some engineers…..idiots.

    Yes. The Monza was originally slated to have a Wankel, but they had their own reliability issues. Interestingly the 1975 "California spec" Monza was available with a 350! So corked up with emissions crap it wouldn't pull a wet string out of a cat's ass! The 350 I built for MY Monza has all the...
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    Scored some v8 juice tonight

    I've always loved V-8 juice! Room temp with a few drops of Worchester. Also makes a good Bloody Mary! Something else I discovered a few years ago after seeing it on the shelves: Motts Clamato juice. I didn't think it would be any good, but I like it! :)
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    Some engineers…..idiots.

    I remember the first time I took my V8 Monza to the local shop we dealt with for a tune up. Guy that owned it had a first gen Camaro ragtop pace car. First thing he said was he wished I had brought the car to him before I bought it because he would have told me NOT to! Quoted me $300.00+ just to...
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    Some engineers…..idiots.

    Well, I've done heater cores on two 2nd gens. Fortunately, neither were A/C cars! And as an Engineer myself I share the opinion that so many Engineers are idiots. My Degrees are in Mechanical Engineering Technology. ASMET and BSMET. The difference is WE have to learn to weld, work in a machine...
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    Tragic! My Grandfather built Instrument Panels for B-29s in WWII, here at Lockheed in Georgia (then Bell aircraft). Many years ago, Pop and I went to an airshow at Peachtree DeKalb Airport FIFI was there! We did the tour (they weren't giving rides, but I couldn't have if I wanted to, bad motion...
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    John Wick Chapter 4

    KR can definitely handle the firearms! Seen some YT vids of him training. Impressive!
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    Ford GT40 flat‑out countryside thrash

    I had a LOT of fun running my '76 V8 Monza on the track at Road Atlanta years ago! Was '87 at the British car days. Was there with friends that had Triumphs etc. Did a SCCA SOLOII course too. Wouldn't let us go over 100 on the track with corner guards standing there with black flags. SOLOII guys...
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    GM OBD Readiness monitors - Damn you GM

    Fighting the same thing on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP! Kinda hard to put miles on when the local cops (revenue collectors) are going to spot that my tags on that car are a year out of date. Even though I have the documents from the smog test I can see one of them being a dick and writing me...
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    What an aging hotrodder does when he realizes it's time to use a cane...

    I thought that too, but looking closer it looks like that camshaft is carved out of wood!
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    What an aging hotrodder does when he realizes it's time to use a cane...

    Worked for a retired Marine Sgt years ago that was one of the "Frozen Chosin", was on Iwo Jima too! Shot both times. Took a personal interest in my development as a young Engineer (he was a 50 state PE). Went from being a boss, to a mentor, and then friend. Inhaled cigars! Back then it was not...
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    What an aging hotrodder does when he realizes it's time to use a cane...

    And has a Hurst T handle laying around. I'll update when I finish the polish and the flame job... You can just barely see the cane over the "UR".
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    Damn Tire Rack, WTH?

    I have bought tires from TR for many years. Last set of tires I put on my '76 V8 Monza were hard to find anywhere else! Yokohama AVS Intermediates, in 215/60-R13! On 7.5" wide American Racing wheels, Libre pattern, rarer than hens' teeth now. More recently I put new tires on both Grand Prix's...
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    Cup Holders - Again

    Well, I'll share my "Baby Alien" method. I wish I had figured it out 40 years ago. I DO NOT drill holes or cut up dashboards to install things anymore! I use a TON of high strength/high temp Velcro (and regular "hook and loop"). This stuff is good for 20# per square inch straight pull and I...