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    Camaro meet in Torrance this Sat morning

    It looks like it was last Saturday.
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    MOMO Steering wheel

    Is anyone running a Momo steering wheel. I’d like to se some pics. I really like the California but want to see how it looks/fits. Thinking of trying to go this way with a NRG quick release.
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    Camaro meet in Torrance this Sat morning

    And I see on the resale site he has a console that i just so happen to be looking for. Would rather it wasn’t original cause I want to cut it up and have a cup holder though.
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    Camaro meet in Torrance this Sat morning

    Awe man I finally for the first time in 12 years brought my car out of Bakersfield to work with me this week. I am working down here in Long Beach and could have totally made this event.
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    Anyone running 18/18 or 18/20 or 19/20?

    Fronts 18x8 245x40 Rear 18x9.5 275x40 Slight rub in the front, will probably throw the 3/8 spacers in to bring the nose up a touch. With upper control arms Hotchkis lowering springs and 1/2” drop spacers it looks great but is riding on the lower bump stops.
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    Speaker Kicks, Speaker Door Pods and Speaker Trays FS

    I have a single set that I ordered a few yers back that I didn’t use. They are a little beat up but could send you pics if you are interested. PM me if so.
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    Post up your "big wheeled" cars...AKA...17's or larger AND ADD YOUR BACKSPACING INFO!!!!!

    Fronts 18x8 245x40 Rear 18x9.5 275x40 Now that they are on I could have gone taller and wider on the rear. I am at my limit on the front, but I may be switching out my 1/2” lowering bushings back to stock Height bushings in the near future.
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    Firebird console

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    Seller FEEDBACK thread

    Thanks, BillyDean7173. Wiper Motor transmission arm arrived promptly and fits well.
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    My 73 Type LT Winter build

    So a small update. The American Racing VN507 Rodders I ordered are on back order. The 18x8” wheels are in but the 18x9.5” wheels are going to be a few weeks out. So in the interim I picked up some steel Rally wheels in 15”. They were pretty rough so I threw some black matte paint on them and...
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    Wiper switch

    How do I distinguish whether I have an intermittent motor? Edit: It looks like the intermittent wiper has four terminals vs only 3 on the non.
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    WTB: Wiper Transmission Linkage arm

    Looking for a wiper transmission arm, I have seen a few online but none that say they fit Camaro with Depressed park. (Hidden wiper). I am not sure if they are all the same. Also looking for a wiper switch. One that is correct for the car.
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    Wiper switch

    Can some one school me on wiper switches. If I am not worried about intermittent wipers and am fine with just High/Low and wash. Is there any real difference in the switches? They all seem to be high priced. Is there a real reason for this? I have hidden wipers with an AcDelco washer pump.
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    Wheel and tire fitment help

    I did decide to go with the 8” in the front.
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    My 73 Type LT Winter build

    It’s getting closer. I have the front wheels, and rear tires. It’s going to be a tight fit. I may have to revisit the shock spacers. Going to attempt 245/40r18’s on 18x8s in the front And 275/40 18x9.5 in the rear.

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