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    72Z, are bigger sway bars useless without SFC's?

    I dont disagree but, trying to avoid modifications which are permanent and or those most people wouldnt do to an original Z. My car is a V6 Berlinetta. Nobody cares about those, LOL.
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    72Z, are bigger sway bars useless without SFC's?

    You might find a drastic improvement just by adding SFC’s and solid subframe mounts. My car is dramatically stiffer after adding both. Your car will be more comfortable and compliant over normal bumps with just a sway bar swap. I did DIY weld in SFC’s because I was starting with a car made of...
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    Black Friday Deals 2022

    Just picked up a set of 195 Eliminator Street port for $1750 direct from AFR with free shipping. Of course since I was saving approx $300, I went ahead spent it on girdles and locks, LOL. Also picked up one of their airgap manifolds for $322(normal price). If to prefer to order from Summit...
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    Which Brodix heads? Cam specs?
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    Decent Camaro Copart Sale Nov.1st Punte Gorda south.

    This guy did alright.
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    Harwood 4" bolt on Wrap or Paint?

    Paint, especially since it’s black and stripes to match. Have you priced out wrap? It’s pretty expensive.
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    Can’t get more high tech than this roadster shop 2nd Gen

    They just debuted their retrofit chassis for square bodies at SEMA too. Really impressive OEM type of build with impressive price tag as well.
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    Decent Camaro Copart Sale Nov.1st Punte Gorda south.

    Man, those are nice. Wonder what they’ll go for?
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    Pittman Arm Nut

    That’s from the lock washer.
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    Pittman Arm Nut

    Sure it’s not a burr caused by the lock nut?
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    Best primer?

    Still remember that “sweet” smelling K200.
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    383 Blueprint engine, what headers are you using

    I bought the black ones and took them to a local powder coater and had high luster silver ceramic put on them. I did this because I wanted to fit the headers and make any mods and not destroy an expensive finish. Cost was within 50$ plus my time.
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    Beginning of a turbo build

    Should be quicker than that at those power levels. Guy at work does drag n drive stuff with a single turbo junkyard 5.3 in a fairmont wagon. He says 8-900 at the crank and runs high 8’s/ low 9’s.
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    Weekly COVID Deaths Worldwide

    Been over for me since June or July of 2020. I feel sorry for the fools still walking around outdoors or driving alone with masks on...