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    Hood Insulation help with cab noise?

    I got mine from Chuck at camarosrus and very happy with it.
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    Camaro car show in Buckley

    This Saturday Aug 11th in Buckley at Walley's drive in. Good turn out last year, starts at 9 am. More of a meeting and get together than a show, no charge.
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    Is it time to sell her?

    Its like artwork. You don't have to drive it all that much to enjoy it.
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    All Camaro Car Show in Issaquah

    All camaro show this sunday, July 15th at XXX drive in. It's put on by the Pacific NW camaro club.
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    My project 9 years running.

    Congrats on the first drive, hopefully you can workout the bugs without too much trouble.
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    My project 9 years running.

    It looks like you gave your camero its wings. The engine looks great.
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    Dutch '73 Sharknose build from the ground up

    Just read up on your progress. I vote for blue with black stripes, then the orange. Hope it is going well.
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    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    Love the forest green. The black spoiler sets it off nicely.
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    71 RS - abandoned 23 years

    coming along nicely
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    M21RSZ28 still missing since March 2016

    I hope he comes back, I always enjoyed his expertise.
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    My project 9 years running.

    How is the wingless wonder coming along? I'm sure it will fly even without the wings.
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    1971 RS/Z28 $25,000 BBC 468 cu. in. 6 spd manual

    Good price, nice car. Should sell quickly.
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    It's been six years!

    yes indeed, exactly what FermentedSpirit said.
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    Paint Jail experiences

    just finished the document, thanks for sharing.

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