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    Safest way to buy online?

    Cashier check
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    Free window motors and regulators

    I would like them.
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    POOR! Customer Service

    I was on a path to collect the car magnets, then the shipping cost more than parts. Went elsewhere and just enjoy the few magnets I have on toolbox.
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    Defaced trim tag

    The rare QeCO code!! Only 1 made! (Many have tried to replicate) CONGRATS!!!!🙂
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    6th Gen Dash In A Second Gen

    I have put a 3000GT dash into a Fiero. LOTS of in and out, custom brackets, cutting dash to look and fit good, THEN comes the electrical... Was easier to adapt older guages to new pod than get ALL the stock new dash electronics to work. Get schematics for both cars and have fun.
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    1973 Camaro Type LT RS Z28 Project

    I KNEW there was SOMETHING different about ya! 🤭🤪
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    Rate My Gear Pattern

    Looks too far out. Wear pattern should be in middle of gears, not on the outside like yours. I think. Remove some shim
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    2nd gen turbo wheels + tires ($150)

    Good member to buy from.
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    Anyone have a recomendation for an online pet medication site?

    Alivet is very good at monthly meds
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    70 z28 for sale on craigslist?

    Nice interior!
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    Thoughts on this rusty 71 RS

    Yea looks like lots of under panel rust. I am still replacing all my panels not fun or fast. The price, no too much work needed. Be a shame if you went all the way there to see heavy rust on frame rails. Stay calm, and keep the Camaro fund going. You will need it after you get car.
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    RS Header Panel Graft 70-73

    What about a set of smaller round lights? Like not RS lights? I do have a blank canvas there....
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    Gas on the right coast.

    Actually it's $2.72 ($100 is joke, we don't need more crazies from Cal.)

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