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    Looking a Car transporter

    Does anyone have a reputable car transporter that can go from Portland oregon to Montgomery Alabama? I need to ship my Z28. I don’t get in here much and don’t get notifications. If u could email me at [email protected]
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    stripe kits

    Why not just paint them on? that is what i intend to do this summer on my moms 81 z and bury them in clear. i used to hate waxing her car and get wax on the strips.
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    Rear bumper cover 1981 z28

    covers here are some pix of the frt and rear covers and an extra cover i primed but ended up getting a new one cause i didnt feel like fixing all of the spider cracks in it. so if anyone has a real bad frt bumper cover you can have this one would rather pick up but i would ship you pay...
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    Rear bumper cover 1981 z28

    the bumper cover i believe urethane. i sells to be alot stiffer that the stock one i tried to repair. i would say it is a 100% superior peice. it comes in a waterbourne primer so all i did was scuff with grey scotch brite, primer sealer with flex add., after primer lite sanding a couple pin...
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    Rear bumper cover 1981 z28

    frt bumper cover Just finished painting my frt cover tonite looks good. NPD just started selling the front covers for the 78-81 camaro about 2 weeks ago i got one. it is very nice quality. will have to see how well it fits.
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    Rear bumper cover 1981 z28

    It appearts that it is held in place by some pop rivits. the heads are much larger than regular ones. Do they sell these somewhere or can i get them from a paint and body jobber? Does anyone know if there is a place that sells back bumper covers for these camaro yet? 1981 thanx
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    Paint code

    i was wondering where i find the paint code for an 81 z 28? i thought it was under the hood in the trim tag. i have the dark blue 29L 29U W. but when i go to the paint store what number do i need to give them to match the paint? or is it the 29? thank you.
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    Front spoiler and flares?

    Does any company sell they as a repro item? if so can anyone give me the link? Thankx
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    Getting ready to paint moms car

    I have to paint an 81 z28 midnite blue with lite blue stripes. i have considered painting the stripes then clearing over them for a nice smooth look. has anyone buried the strips in the clear? if so did you paint the stripes or use the vinyle ones? i also need the front spoiler and flares are...
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    Oil Canning

    I think in the heat method you have to a hammer and doly to tap the red quarter sized heated area. i have seen this performed and is works well. you can also you a tip on a stud puller to shrink metal.
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    1978 z28 interchangeable parts w/81z

    thanks guys for the info. one more question. what would make more sense? the 1978 z is only missing the engine and trans. if you guys had an 81 z in good shape but needs some parts. would you a. put an engine and trans in the 78 sell it and buy new parts or b. use the parts from the 78 to...
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    1978 z28 interchangeable parts w/81z

    I have a couple questions about swaping some parts. i have the opportunity to buy a 78z for 500 and my 81 needs some parts. how much of the cars are interchangeable. i need the frt and rear bumpers. the hood especially. with the hood can i switch the hood scoops and make the 78 work with the 81...
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    N90 rims color

    Can anyone tell me the color to use to paint the n90 rims gray? i currently have a set of gold rims and would like to paint them silver. has anyone ever stripped these wheels? if so what kind of stripper did you use? and how well did it work?
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    fake z??

    thank you. i will check this when i get home. cause i cant remember for the life of me what came after the u for the paint code. thanks again.
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    fake z??

    I have a 1981 camaro. i thought it was a z28 but i just took the trim tag off and it does not say z28 on there? is there any way to determine or is the lack of the z28 below the A51 the deciding factor? car was built in van nuys and a portion if i am reading it correct says it is a camaro base...