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    Weekly COVID Deaths Worldwide

    Relying on the science that made large heaps of money, cannot disclose its contents for 50 years and not allowed to sue the manufacturer for any adverse affects. SCIENCE!! Oh and, sudden death syndrome is caused by climate change. SCIENCE!!! Went from good for one year to once every 3 or so...
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    Weekly COVID Deaths Worldwide

    I guess drive by shooting deaths are not caused by covid anymore? *another poo eating grin
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    Mustang IFS II Kit on 81 Camaro

    I like your original plan. May cost more but worth it. Look into a nice new steering box instead of repairing what you have....just a thought.
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    Weekly COVID Deaths Worldwide

    Those are encouraging numbers. Good to see them subsiding. Hopefully we can all put this behind us now......*poo eating grin
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    Car/Motorcycle/ATV Driving Screwups

    that second "darker" link was even more awesome.
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    Car/Motorcycle/ATV Driving Screwups

    That was awesome
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    What color should I paint my 79 z/28

    My opinion is to paint it a factory color from the era our cars were built. My mistake was I painted mine a jaguar XJR midnight pearl metallic.......good luck trying to paint match if you need to repaint the front cone or a panel...... Stay away from pearls and metallics. My 1.5 cents.
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    Loosey Goosey

    Worn front sway bar bushings, worn steering coupler....leaky/worn shocks......
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    Turbo 5.3 1981 Trans Am

    I personally like - second row, second from the left - bronze rim
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    Surprise drop in

    My local CDN tire sells firearms - Ill send you a PM
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    Tubualar A-arms worth it without the drop?

    I've owned GW upper and lower control arms since the early 2000's - direct bolt in, smooth articulation, got lots of caster in my alignment (+6) - I feel that the lower GW control arms are a bit lighter than the stock counterparts too. Its been too long since I've compared weight so I cant tell...
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    My 81 - The Green Dream

    I love this attention to detail! Great job
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    Buttons vs touchscreen whoda thunk?

    My new VW Golf R is all touch screen - no buttons at all. It was completely annoying at first - but when I got used to it, it became a lot easier. But......issue is, touch screens take longer to get to anything - based on my experience.
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    SBC Milodon Roadrace oil pan and long tube headders issue

    I got a small block chevy Milodon roadrace oil pan part # 31506 with hooker super competition long tube headders - drivers side headder is too close for comfort to the bottom side of the oil pan. I know one option is to bash that one headder tube in - but are there other options? Better long...