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    Need Prayers and Uplifting

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. A quality burn unit makes all the difference in the world.
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    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    The ls6 page is pretty cool! Almost into production and axed at the 11th hour
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    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    Hopefully the factory assembly manual too as I find this the best at depecting exploded views and p/n‘s for major sub assemblies and how it all goes together.
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    NPD vs OER dash pad

    Rick, love your q&a each month on the musclecar place podcasts! Thanks for sharing you insights with is all!
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    Looking for the best Rebuild book for an 81 Z28

    Tbh the best way to go is get all the factory manuals. Service, repair, fisher body, and assembly. Those clymer books just cover general topics and won’t cover everything you need. Think of it’s this way- the clymer book is 1” thick if that. These books cover 10” or more in width. Waaaaay more...
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    VW TDI(2013) what are your thoughts?

    There was a lawsuit by the epa that found vw was purposely programming the computer to pass smog testing then go back to producing excessive pollution under normal operations. Vw actually had to offer to buy back vehicles or give credit towards purchasing a new vehicle. Not sure how it affected...
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    Th350 Shift linkage issues

    Are you certain it’s a th350? As th400 was the only automatic offered in 70 z28s. I’d think the adjustment procedure might be different (but not sure). Does it have an elecrical kickdown switch by the gas pedal?
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    Wally Cleaver

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    Wally Cleaver

    Read today that he’s still alvie but in hospice care and soon will pass n. His publicist screwed up a d released it early
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    Used car cost

    If you research the avg profit made by dealers since the recession it’s damn near doubled. Everyone is gouging everyone
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    Looking for a wiring part number or description?

    American autowire make exact replica stuff.
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    When did this Happen….

    every once in awhile one for some criminal taken out of the gene pool doing criminal stuff shows up. In some cases people donate 1000s of $. I’m like wtf?
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    Is this stainless hood trim oem?

    Justvthe wrong lower side glass belt molding. Order the ones for an rs and you’ll be good
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    Is this stainless hood trim oem?

    Then you just need the correct lower window pieces. Tney have welded on tabs iirc so you may have to purchase some screw in mounting studs too.
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    Is this stainless hood trim oem?

    you have the style trim group hood and fender pieces and the std lower window trim. Does it have drip rails over the windows?

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