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    Gaspods: Legit or the next Turbonator ??

    I can see where, properly placed, they could make a MINIMAL (less than 1% at a guess) difference in fuel economy by disrupting the airflow over the car. That said proper placement will be difficult without your own wind tunnel.
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    watch list

    I'm on it because of who I worked for in the past. Huge pain in the butt. I can drive to Dallas from Wichita quicker than going through all the crap at the airport.
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    Good Price For This Truck?

    None of them I've owned have run that well.
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    Do any of your wives have "that friend" . . .

    I didn't realize you knew my ex-wife?!
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    Is this guy lucky or what???

    Holy cat-like reflexes Batman!
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    NastyZ thinks I'm Spanish

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    NASCAR to drivers - Stay in cars.

    Tag on ex-wifes curling iron (still in a drawer at the house): "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY"
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    Some guy really pissed me off...

    Talk about bad comparisons, never seen a boa as dangerous as a bad tempered pitbull.
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    NASCAR to drivers - Stay in cars.

    Allowed? I'm thinking it was encouraged because the drama sells tickets.
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    The 20 worst jokes EVER!

    LOL! I won't torture you with any of mine.
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    Help from phone guru please.

    I suppose you're right. I'm just trying to pinch some pennies?
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    Help from phone guru please.

    I can't have them ported without her permission. I need to know if there's a way to break verizons hold over them.
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    Help from phone guru please.

    If they're locked selling them would just be cheating somebody else.
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    Help from phone guru please.

    I can, it just irks me to have to replace phones that still work perfectly.
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    Help from phone guru please.

    She's not taking them off or closing the account, she's just not paying it anymore.