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    The crossover craze has officially gone too far...

    looks like a tesla and a mustang had a baby
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    Anyone collect paper money??

    every 2 weeks,then its gone
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    Fast and Loud is back.........

    GMG is nothing without Arron,none of the other guys there could design and build like he could
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    355 or 383?

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    aftermarket rims

    Keystone klassics-I've had a few sets of these rims and they look good on anything
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    If it faster than a Ferrari 488gtb, is it still a muscle car?

    just watched it-that was fxxxing insane,its a muscle car that can carve up any track
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    which header gasket

    I also used multi layered soft aluminum and that was 3 years ago-no leaks
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    Happy 420 potheads

    you don't have to be stoned to listen to Sabbath or ozzy,I still listen to these albums when I have a chance
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    Scammers got me

    I rarely use my card anymore and always use cash-that's the world we live in,scammers everywhere
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    Anyone watching the Mega race ??

    had to stop watching,way too many commercials and tv bs-fast n loud I think is done without arron and street outlaws couldn't be more staged-if it were real street racing they'd all be in jail
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    Edd China leaving Wheeler Dealers....

    maybe him and arron kaufman will get a show together
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    MagnaFlow vs pypes mufflers

    I also have the pypes x-pipe 2.5 system with race -pro mufflers,i really like them,they replaced some worn out glass packs and what a difference,car now has some good street manners,not ridiculousiy loud,but people will hear you when you step on it
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    Second generation assembly line

    interesting article,those brothers made out like bandits,$208 million back then has gotta be like $208 billion today
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    2017 Calendar - on sale now

    got mine last night,best quality out there,all i buy anymore-great job guys
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    if I hadn't seen that I would never have believed that-cant make that poo up

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