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    Cool technology from Nascar

    If im not mistaken, a 1" impact like they tried, has like 2000 ft lbs of torque. that thing was on there.
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    70 Chevelle SS Recreation

    no, no, no no. no.
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    Neither convertibles of any make, or Mustangs do much for me, but i think those late 60's fastbacks are really good looking. you should make a buck or two off of that thing.
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    Thoughts on this 70Z - Ebay

    "Dusty Cars" appears to be a car dealership of sorts in CA. Brief internet search comes back with decent reviews. But, the photos of the cars in front of the Country Club garden make me crazy. They just look like they were stolen from somewhere on the internet, or out of a magazine.
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    Need new tires...Radial TA's are starting to look rough

    I like the look of the bfg’s, except for the tan-brown “white letters” I wish i bought coopers.
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    Thoughts on this 70Z - Ebay

    1970.5’s are def worth more. Seller knows what he has. Did anybody see how much it finished at?
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    Neighbor trying to sell me this 67 Mustang convertible

    Right? That mustang aint worth nothin, but around here a camaro in the same shape is “priceless”. Lol.
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    New pack member is home.

    i need to say this again? Dogs are awesome. great looking puppy.
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    Let’s complain about winter…

    I guess these are like big city snow falls? i mean, i think Crested Butte Co is like over 150" this year. I was out in Feb. the snow banks in her driveway were higher than her Jeep. I i remember right, Steamboat Co gets like 250" a year. Fun fact......they very rarely ever have a snow day...
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    Theres no better section for this cuz it is

    That is not a sexy machine. i guess ads are free at Hemmings?
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    Theres no better section for this cuz it is

    That thing is one sexy machine right there. A far cry from the Blazer of today. 1st gen Broncos have been bringing stoooopid money for a while now. Old stuff is cool.
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    Bobcat with a small block

    Neat. Be even neater if they showed it moves.
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    Nice FedEx

    I have been delivered an empty box as well. For the life of me i can remember exactly what it was, but it was something resembling a threaded rod. Hole in corner of the box, and nothing but sail boat fuel inside. Over all, of the things i have delivered to me, i have a high success rate, so i...
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    Loving the color. C/L Ad. Members car?

    I agree. the ad just rubs me wrong, and i can be totally off base here, but it just doesnt sound like the owner wrote the ad. Just seems like the info was copied off the internet.
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    USPS Tracking…does it matter?

    USPS isnt great, but fedex is terrible. i cringe when i see something shipped by them. A lot of times they mark something as delivered, then it shows up a day or two later.