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    Published 50 years ago (1972)

    This is soooo cool! I also have 1 of those books but mine must be a misprint because it reads HOW TO HOTROD BIG BLOCK CHEVY'S lol!!!!
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    wrinkles in new headliner

    When i installed mine i used a heat gun and slowly warmed up the area. Be careful not to keep the heat in one area too long or you can burn it . Just move the gun over the area and the wrinkles will soon start to disappear. You can also lightly smooth the area with your hand as you heating it...
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    Vortec intake + Q-jet setup question

    Cyclone manifolds come drilled for both carb applications. You can just bolt on your q-jet or they provide a adapter plate for square bore. At least that's the way my mainfold came for my bbc. Unfortunately I had to take mine back off due to hood clearance . But you should be good due to...
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    Polyurethane Engine mounts Help

    my bad - looking at the pics the nut looks to be on the pass side?
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    Body window chrome or stainless window gasket channel

    Camaro Central 15' roll
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    Polyurethane Engine mounts Help

    just a thought - is it just not lining up to go in the nut thats welded on the upper mount half? if it is grind that nut weld off get the bolt though the mount hole the put your nut on. don't recall any of my mounts having a nut welded to the upper half is is shown in the one pic.
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    Purchased a 402/396 to rebuild - recommendations?

    Really need the engine ID letters so we know what your working with originally. As far as the 292 heads they should be fine as they were used if I remember right on the 396/375hp so flow should not be an issue. Need to have a machine shop check your cylinders to determine if you need to bore...
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    Fuel filter 1972 402

    the original fuel filter was a external filter on the 402 that bolted right by the water pump but it also had a small paper filter behind the inlet on the quadrajet don't know why they did that. i also agree if the engine ran before the fuel pump was changed that's where i would start. you can...
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    '70 Driver Side Headlight Plug/Connector

    you might try the Wiring Depot site have had some good luck with them. you might also try Clips and Fastners they deal in OEM electrical stuff.
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    How many horns on 1972 Camaro

    According to my 72 assembly manual they only came with 1 (low note) horn. hope this helps
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    Second gen wheels

    Prefer old school myself!!!
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    Considering selling or trading my 70 RS SS

    Thought you were toying with the idea of adding stripes?
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    New fuel lines

    my 72 was 2 piece on both then you connect them with a length of 3/8 & 1/4" fuel hose in between.
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    New fuel lines

    if your fuel pump is set up for a return to the tank then i suggest you replace both. if not you can just replace the 3/8 and plug off the 1/4 return line.,

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