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    location rear view mirror

    There is a small black line, about a 1/4"x 1/32". The button is glued below the line.
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    Cutting holes in steel.

    How 'bout a lath?...Just kidding. Buy a good hole saw (Milwaukee, etc) and use oil like you are doing.
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    1980-81 Hood Scoop Gasket

    It's called "Dum Dum". You will find it throughout the car.
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    Leaking Transmission Lines

    Please......No teflon tape except when plumbing destroyer boilers.
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    Poll - Do you BUY things off of eBay?

    Got burned on a set of $32 FE lifters back in 2005. The guy must of got a divorce or something. PayPal kept the dispute open for 5 years!
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    Air In Brakes

    It's in the master cylinder, the air that is. Search this sight and you will have all the info you need.
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    Where can I find these door panel clips?

    The "HELP" section
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    Steering column baring for 1976 camaro LT.

    All GM (Saginaw) tilt columns are generally the same. But $40 bucks for the bearings and then $10 for the ride is a bit too much considering you can still get them from a GM dealer.
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    Easy question on doors

    A medium size ViseGrip
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    Filling Quarter to Roof Seam

    Its not the solder that fails, it's the lazy line workers not cleaning the brazing flux away before soldering. This in a couple of years leads to rust and the all too common bubbles. (ps: you can't weld a brazed seam)
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    what happens when you over-rev a 2500hp 78 litre caterpillar V18 engine

    Just goes to show what WD-40 and over reving will do.
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    Guy gets run over by a plane

    Familiarity breeds contempt
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    hydraulic clutch setup

    See the "SEARCH" button at the top of the page? Give it a try.
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    hydraulic clutch setup

    Why people think aftermarket/race car stuff is easier than stock is beyond me.