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    Valve cover mod

    Really a good looking machine there too!
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    GMT400 Price Trend

    No rust on a short bed 91 pickup? I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I was in the market but the step side hurts it just a bit.
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    Thoughts on 1970 project car value

    Full bumper, standard coupe, lots of mismatched parts, and horrible rust. Parts car.
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    Flywheel question

    Same deal. Large and small flywheel and the start has to match up. Angled bolting for the large flywheel and straight across bolting for the small flywheel and the bell housing for the smaller flywheel won't work with the large. And the flywheel bolting to the crankshaft might be different...
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    Valve cover mod

    Should be no problem trimming the bosses off but be sure to get all the shavings/filings cleaned out really good. With the roller rocker arms there's usually not a lot of oil spraying around in there anyway so the baffles can go and not cause problems. Got some nice looking parts in that...
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    Cool little Vega

    Something tells me there's not a lot of "Vega" left in that Vega. Reminds me of the old altered coupes with hemis back in the day. Crazy machines!
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

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    Saw this on Facebook

    Seems odd that the doors and trunk lid were on the cars when dipped. Was that a coating dip or a cleaning?
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    1970 Alternator detail.

    Was there a Z28 with a 61 amp alternator in 70?
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    Oily Plugs

    Might be some cold (range) plugs for the street rod running. What are they? Might go a number hotter but with the limited run time it's may be too soon to see what the deal is.
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    Cool little Vega

    Those Opels were pretty neat cars. And those mechanical hidden headlights were something different.
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    Magnesium Citrate

    I remember my first, had a adivan to calm me down. Then the good stuff. When I came to a nurse was beside me reading a book. She asked me how I felt, "never felt this good in my whole life." They really have some good stuff in those cronk hauses.
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    Charlie’s 1973 RS / LT / Z28 lives again !

    Yep, the Camaro was one of the cars that survived the crash requirements and still looked good. Consider the biggest sales year for the generation was in the later 70s even. But I often wondered how a 73 Z28 would respond with only a head change? I know a set of big valve 64cc hump heads...
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    concealed vs. non-concealed wipers

    Round motor for concealed, square motor for standard?
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    Brake problems

    Yep, the hydraulic pressure goes somewhere to a dead head regardless of the prop. valve. Leaking back through or air getting into the system somewhere.