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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    Reason I asked is the one I have, brand new in box, purchased in 1984 from my local Chevy dealer parts counter was for my 72 Z28 but is most definitely White in color, not gray and has no extra holes
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    And what was the difference? Also, other than the color difference, was there a part number difference? Reason I ask is obviously the 73 only would be even more rare seeing it would be a 1 year only item. But, besides the color difference, was it more reinforced beneath the urethane seeing the...
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    It’s urethane. Yes you can sand it/scuff it to paint it, just taking material off will damage it. I’m sure there are “tricks” to repair it should you damage it but your not going to take it down like bondo or fiberglass. The other problem is finding someone old enough that has worked with solid...
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    The only problem with the urethane nose is that there really is no “working it”, it either fits correctly (Original GM) or it does not (all aftermarket attempts to reproduce it), and there is no way to “work it” to make it fit properly without damaging it.
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    Perhaps several reasons. The sheet metal for most part is interchangeable between the 3 years (aside from upper and lower valance for RS) and most are still in great shape but the urethane nose would damage easily and also rust inside out and was very expensive to replace even back when you...
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    True Value for NOS RS Nose

    Last spring someone on this site posted an eBay link for one that had been listed with a “Buy it now” price of $3600.00, and within 2 days it was SOLD!! Not sure what it actually sold for but the Buy It Now price was $3600 and sold in just 2 days. No pipe dreams, just facts.
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    1973 Camaro Lower Door Panels Nice Original!

    What color do you seek? I have several to choose from, all original GM and none have been on any car since 1985
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    WTB: 1972-73 Deluxe door panels

    What color are you looking for? Have a set of very good condition deluxe door panels in white. Message me if interested
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    70-73 damaged rs header panel wanted

    I just noticed, you are in Burnsville, about 2 hours west of me. I can’t seem to figure out how to change my “location” in profile but I am no longer in Vernon, Ct but have recently moved to Moorseville, NC. Message me if still looking.
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    1970 Defroster Vent

    I have entire set up except for switch. Blower motor, duct work and vent cover (black) and know how very few there are so please, if interested message me a reasonable offer. If it’s in line with value that these hold I will text you pictures.
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    70-73 damaged rs header panel wanted

    Where are you located? I have a straight one off a 1972 with minor rust. Would sell whole thing if you are close.
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    WTB - RH sail panel (71)

    Sorry, could only “find” with relative ease a left in white, 2 black 73/74 and a pair of brown 77. I am pretty sure I have them somewhere in here but right now it’s a “cluster$&ck” in my trailer. I’ll hit you up when I dig some stuff out. Have just about anything and everything for 70-74, just a...
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    WTB - RH sail panel (71)

    Dents? Now you have me wondering if we are talking about the same thing. I have never seen plastic dent. I will look today and see if I have any mismatched pairs. I have a large box of these, as long as we are talking about the interior trim between rear deck/rear window and door glass.
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    70-81 Camaro MCI Fiberglass Dash and Console - NEW

    You do realize that is a 2year old for sale post.
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    1970 RS Horn Shroud

    Just as posted, have Horn shroud for 1970 RS Camaro, with correct ORIGINAL RS emblem. Shroud could use a little work as a screw that holds it to wheel was slightly too long but an easy fix. Also one nut insert on back side is missing. $100 plus PayPal fees and actual shipping charge. Last, I...

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