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    Original carb for a California Camaro Z-28 4-speed. Carb has been restored/rebuilt by Holley, looks great. Asking $1300.00
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    TKX Conversion kits

    Got my TKX kit from Silver Sport, awesome customer service. Had an issue with the shifter hitting the console, Shane fixed me up. I finished the install last week, wow, amazing trans. I got the close ratio with the .068 O.D. I need to take it on the freeway and get some numbers, then I will...
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    Garage cost

    Bought this from Costco and built it myself. It was on sale at the time. Concrete pad was about 5K...
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    Trunk stripes??

    I ordered my 1970 Z-28 and took delivery in May. This is the car with the Van Nuys stripe,(as it is called) on the rear deck lid.
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    70-Z28 Falling Priced

    You really need to see the car in-person to determine condition. The seller took the reserve off, so he knew what it was worth. No mention of original engine, usually the seller will tell you if it has a numbers matching engine. Lot of other things were not correct for the car. It did look...
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    Anyone put the new Tremic TKX 5-speed in a 1970 Camaro yet?
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    Reverse Lockout Rod 5618

    Call Joey's, he will make one and put the stamp on it. I have one, works perfect. Home - Joey's Muscle Cars (
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    70 z smog option

    Separator is located in the rear, between the fuel tank and rear end. Bolts to the trunk floor.
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    1970 R/S Z28 Santa Barbara

    Nice red 70 Z-28 will hit Mecum on Saturday.
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    1970 Black Bowtie Steering Wheel vs Burlwood Wheel

    Just used what was on it. Cleaned real good first. Pretty simple
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    1970 Black Bowtie Steering Wheel vs Burlwood Wheel

    Yes, it is not raised. Only the real dedicated 70 Camaro guy would notice the difference.
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    1970 Black Bowtie Steering Wheel vs Burlwood Wheel

    Repop burlwood is available. Check this site for info. SS logo might be hard to locate. You can find wheels in good shape but will pay the price.
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    Are there no radiators that fit a 80 Camaro?

    A/C and Z-28 RadiatorBig Core opening, smaller radiator

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