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  • I bought a 69'Z rally sport when I was 15, 30yrs ago. Worked on it off and on with my Dad over the years, he passed away two years ago. I'm determined to make it drive again. No engine came with it, and I would love to bring that CE block back to life along with the car. my # is 717-525-1091 cell if you would to call sometime.
    I saw later in your post your interested in a 383. I've got one. Block clearanced for the longer stroke brand new crower crank. Hopefully we can get together on this.
    My name is Ron. Saw your post about the CE block and crank you have, if all checks out I would be interested. Ley me know when you have time.

    My email is [email protected] if that is easier. good pic of the deck pad where the CE number is located would be great.
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