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    Has anyone worked with Grundy Insurance lately?

    I have been using American collectors last 6-7 years, currently complete full coverage and agreed value replacement (as appraised) $33k = $269.00 annually. I have unfortunately only been driving about 1000 miles annually and I am allowed 2500 and can bump that a little if needed. Zero issues...
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    29K mile 70 Z on Bring a Trailer

    that car is'nt that bad, aside from paint & the obvious. original front rotors still in place and paper tabs still in front coil springs 49 years later, car could'nt have been rode too hard. low mileage may be correct. the rattle canned control arms and brake parts do make me wonder "what...
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    FS: 72 Camaro "strike car" 8500 miles

    this car was inside the plant when the strike started. it has a vin# 3 higher than last 72 but its a 72. it was donated to a school as it was a complete running car, last 72 vin# ended in 168650 this is 168653. This car was literally 3rd back from the door when closed as production ceased due to...
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    FS: 72 Camaro "strike car" 8500 miles

    Testing the waters here, this is the only 2nd gen Camaro Strike Car with Docs, If anyone on here is interested pm me for info. I want to start building a car and don't want do it to this one. Very clean car, base model Camaro. Body is extremely clean and never hit. Paint is good - VG. Built...
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    Tracking down previous owners of my 1970 Camaro

    I just recently learned that my 1970 RS SS 396 Cortez Silver Camaro 124870N532015 was sent from Norwood to William Pape Inc. in Huntington New York. I've learned that the dealership has changed hands and I believe the Pape family is no longer involved. Im trying to find my build sheet or POP if...
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    1970 SS L34 Numbers Matching Worth???

    Needs body work and complete resto. Any idea of it worth? nice find, I'd say high teens on as is value. I like the copper / saddle color combo. I have not seen as many 2nd gens in copper or mojave color. nice.
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    1972 LS3 402 CI Specification Questions

    is this a numbers matching bone stock engine or just a replacement engine ? if it is really the original engine to the car I would "if mine" pull it and set aside, then get a different engine in there. 72 was the last run of big block camaros and there were less than a thousand made.
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    1970 z28 build sheet

    you could look in the places people find build sheets in these cars, google where to look or look thru old threads. My Norwood camaro is 2 years newer than yours. I have 3 build sheets that made it thru the years in and on the car. 1 tank, 1 from underneath seats, tucked inside seat springs...
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    Color for 72 camaro underneath

    heres what mine looks like, its original. this was a few years ago car had about 4 or 5 thousand miles when pic was taken. camaro/DSC_0806 3.jpg <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    1981 Vehicle Speed Sensor work with Rostra Cruise Control?

    I have done rostra speed control install on a few cars many years ago, the speed signal was a extremely basic "tab on driveshaft & magnetic pickup hard mounted" setup. I guess you simply could tap into vss for signal and see if the Rostra unit likes that. The wires could only have 2 like...
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    New-ish leaf springs lean?

    as a quick starting point I would be inclined to get the leaf spring front and rear hardware adequately loosened up, get the car down on the ground with weight on suspension and the torque to specs just to see..........maybe then start measuring leaf springs and comparing side to side.....
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    B Jackson Vegas

    yeah I was there friday and saturday, the standout F-Body cars for me were the 2 - SD455 Trans Am one blue and one red, the red one was very appealing......... It was interesting to see these cars in person, some not as nice as you might think if watching this on TV.
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    front springs big block 73 camaro

    I installed the hotchkiss BB front springs on my old 71 SS 396, currently off website 2 in. Lowered Front 600 lb/in. car rode great !!! its was way nose heavy with 402" engine AT & AC
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    New Dodge Hellcat Wrangler w/707hp

    well since 1999 at least, my 99 jeep cherokee door sticker states "manufactured by Daimler Chrysler Corp", thats Dodge enough for me.......its a dodge wearing a Jeep dress..........
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    Voltage Regulator and Battery Charging Issues

    yes, just a little on the surface to make sure ground and body are "metal to metal".