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    Z28 stock five spoke steel rim weight ?

    weight So if I replace my five spoke rims with Aluminum N90 rims how much weight could I save ? So now that we know a five spoke weighs 25 lbs bare I'd say maybe 27 lbs with lugs, center cap and trim ring. Now I need to know what a N90 alum. Rim weight is ?
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    Is the 1980 Camaro classified as musclecar?

    My opinion is that nothing after 70 should be called a muscle car. Our camaros have always been called pony cars and if modified with HP maybe called a hot rod but a true muscle car no. Brent aka z28rod
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    Z28 stock five spoke steel rim weight ?

    Hey out there ! Do you guys know how much a Z28stock five spoke steel rim weighs ? Thank you ! :cool:
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    81 camaro leaning

    Broken leaf spring !
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    ? on new tires for my 81 Z

    I am finally needing new tires on my 1981 Z28 ! I am looking for 225/70/15's. All suggestions accepted . I am looking at just getting Ta's the old standby but $120 each wow! Well I guess it is 2015 right ? Opinions ?
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    Goodyear Eagle GT II tires, P225 70R15

    Dawg gonit ! Man I could have used those !
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    WTB N-90 Alum. wheels

    Looking for a complete set of N-90 alum. Wheels. Just email me at [email protected] thank you Brent
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    78-81 owners

    Hatchet Check The Cowl Tag Before Freakin Out That Its Not A Z28........
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    Help if you can!

    Come On Guys , There Have To Be Some Members Down There To Help Him Out .......
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    Mystery Blackhawk

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    78-81 owners

    leereyn81Z28, your 81 is very nice, thats the nicest 81 z28 model ive ever seen, looks almost real.
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    72 Camaro SS/RS

    Thats one nice camaro. So what was under the carpet, looks like foam insul. or something ?
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    My new 72

    5k wow great deal...
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    1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

    Thats A Great Looking Z28. 6500 Is A Deal..
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    1/4 estimates.

    Mid 12's

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